Who is the
HeyBuddy Team?

We're the team that...

... has been providing top-level design and app development services to fortune 50 - 500 companies for decades.

…creates demos for Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff’s keynotes.

…manages the ORG that all the salesforce employees use.

…satisfies Johnson & Johnson, Salesforce, Facebook, Apple, and UPS with our tech.

As a result of some amazing history, learning from our mistakes, and having a vision for the perfect solution for disconnected teams and systems; we stand proudly behind HeyBuddy


Over a decade ago, we partnered with salesforce and understood then, and realize now more than ever that CRM’s and other systems are underutilized. We collaborated on a sales & marketing app that eventually evolved into HeyBuddy.

While creating the most adaptable content sharing app for sales & marketing teams to find, create, and understand sales content better than ever before, we stumbled upon a realization — how is that different from other teams within your organization needing alignment and ways to share and track content to operate more efficiently?

So we expanded our platform to not just play nice with your current systems - but increase utilization of all these large investments made that don’t reach expected adoption. So in place of separating your organization with multiple apps and systems, we created HeyBuddy to seamlessly connect everything into one simple interface, and one password. Ahhhhh, HeyBuddy... thanks! Life is easy.


ROB WOLF, CEO & Co-Founder

After graduating from Holderness School and University of Colorado at Boulder, he became an art director for a start-up company in San Francisco, CA. Soon after, he began working on his own venture as Creator & Founder of LaunchDM. As LaunchDM services evolved and mobile apps became a huge offering, Rob co-founded a separate company to support a SaaS product, HeyBuddy.


Bill graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in Computer Science. Bill's daily operations is Co-Founder and Chief Software Developer. Bill is responsible for the development, coordination, implementation, and enforcement of all HeyBuddy software processes.

HeyBuddy Core Team