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December 18, 2017
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December 20, 2017

The most obvious and important benefit of having sales content is the way to win the hearts and wallets of modern buyers. Employees are getting smarter all the time, but a lot of the technology companies are using hasn’t changed. We need to match the evolution of the employee with the evolution of technology to create engagement and gain more control to what sales teams are using in their sales process.

In the past, solutions “for salespeople” used to be designed around the needs of managers and executives, rather than enabling sales forces to respond to buyers’ demand. The most common use of those solutions was developing rigid sales processes wrapped around basic contact and account management. With the rapid shift in consumer behavior, the role of technology for sales force has changed.  To engage the needs of both salespeople and customers, our thought process need to shift focus from a sales management tool to a seller empowerment solution. How do enterprises benefit from digital content management for sales?

From a salesperson standpoint, it offers content recommendations and next-best-action suggestions so sales content would be directly incorporated with the opportunity at hand.

From a marketing standpoint, it measures effectiveness and meets regulatory requirements by tracking the use of electronic sales materials throughout not only sales presentations but also the rest of the sales process.

From a management standpoint, it reports how their sales representatives utilize sales content in order to meet their KPIs and organization goals.

Here are some uses for digital content management for sales:

  • Distributing sales content to sales reps so they can educate prospects to evoke a purchase decision
  • Delivering unique tailored experiences for various sales roles
  • Taking the guesswork out of the sales process and enabling sales teams to deliver smarter customer experiences across sales interactions
  • Minimizing the amount of manual data entry
  • Giving sales teams unprecedented visibility into every aspect of the customer relationship
  • Offering efficiencies through mobile devices and apps
  • Providing formal sales training, onboarding and coaching functionality
  • Plugging the holes around seller functionality through system integrations
  • Delivering AI-driven recommendations and next-best actions


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