Improve Workplace Collaboration and Workflow Using a Business Communication App

September 19, 2018
How the Right Communication App Keeps Business Moving at a Competitive Pace
January 17, 2019

The ability to communicate effectively is a key factor for success for an individual. The same holds true for organizations as well. When the lines of communication between team members, supervisors, partners, and clients are open and clear, great things happen. Technology is at the heart of communications these days and a business communication app is an essential tool to increase workplace collaboration and improve workflows, productivity and profits.

Information is one of the most valuable assets a company owns. When content is scattered, difficult to find, hard to share, or is otherwise inaccessible to those who need it, it loses its value and becomes burdensome. Incorporating a business communication app, like HeyBuddy, into the mix ensures that content is always available when and where it’s needed most.
The Importance of Collaboration

To fully take advantage of opportunities, discover innovative solutions, and compete, collaboration is a must. By combining the unique skills, views, and expertise of a variety of individuals, companies become more agile, responsive, and competitive overall. When departments operate in silos, separate from one another, collaboration is incredibly difficult. Working together, however, teams can overcome even the most difficult obstacles and achieve great things.

Promotes Fresh Thinking – Working in a collaborative environment encourages team members to look at problems, challenges, and opportunities from different angles. Rather than working in a box, they’re able to take advantage of the experience and knowledge of others to expand their thinking.

Increases Efficiency – New ideas and fresh input help teams create and implement more efficient processes. When workflows are more efficient productivity increases as well. In turn, companies often achieve higher revenues and realize lower costs.

Speeds Up Progress – When an entire organization is focused on a specific goal and individuals work together, progress is ensured. In a collaborative environment, it is faster and easier to implement changes, complete projects, and accomplish large-scale goals.


How a Business Communication App Can Help

Content takes many forms within an organization. From training materials to company-wide announcements, every piece of data is important. In most cases, content is created in a variety of forms and stored on personal computers, storage devices, or on the cloud. Access to some content is easy, while other content is difficult to find, share, or use in a meaningful way. A business communication app helps maximize the potential of content and offers several key benefits:

Simplified Data Storage & Distribution

One of the biggest challenges organizations face with their content is ensuring its availability and accuracy. It’s vital that a salesperson in the field has access to the same materials as a customer service rep back at the office. The solution to this issue is a business communication app that creates a centralized database of content that makes distribution fast and easy.

Centralized Content – Ensures not only that data is readily available to employees, but also that it’s consistent throughout the organization. As new materials are released and revisions are made, the newest information is instantly available to everyone in the company at the same time.

Simplified Distribution – Associates communicate through a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even desktop computers.  Content shared through a business communication app is easy to find, present, and share on all devices.

Real-Time Access – Getting the right information at the right time is essential. With HeyBuddy, content is available without interruption, both online and offline on any mobile device. Employees can still get the data they need no matter where they are so they can continue to be productive.


Increased Connectivity

When all of the content an organization produces is freely available to everyone whether they’re in the office, or out in the field, it’s easy to stay connected. There are no lapses between the time information is published, meaning everyone stays up-to-date so they can adjust accordingly.

Company Information Flow – Ensuring that all employees receive important memos, updates to policies, procedures, training opportunities and other company data is critical. Easily share these important announcements company-wide from one convenient business communication app.

Workflow and Productivity – Managers can easily track workflows and manage employees productivity by sharing documents and other content produced by the team. Likewise, company-wide workflows and productivity reports and other important data can be accessed, assessed, and shared.

Onboarding and Ongoing Training – It’s vital that new employees receive training that is consistent from one department to the next. It’s also important to ensure that long-term employees are given the same message time and again. A business communication app helps keep training materials uniform.


Monitoring & Analytics

It’s not enough to create organizational content, organize the files and make them available. It’s also important to monitor, measure, and analyze key performance metrics. These metrics can be used to measure both employee and customer content reach, performance, engagement and retention.

Content Analytics – Getting information to the right people at the right time is critical. Tracking content consumption within an organization is easy with a business communication app. Analytics regarding views, downloads, and shares provide valuable clues about the best types of content to create.

User Analytics – Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of managing organizational content is monitoring user activity. Again, a business communication app like HeyBuddy can solve the problem by producing user analytics reports for individuals and groups.

Prospect Analytics – Content is a powerful way to interact with prospects as they make their way through the buyer’s journey. Share content is a quick and effective way to keep the conversation going. It’s easy to track interactions and send out push notifications to prospects with HeyBuddy.

Businesses of all sizes are becoming increasingly reliant on technology to improve processes, increase efficiency, and help with revenue generation. At the heart of all of these business needs is one key element, communication. HeyBuddy is a powerful business communication app that solves many of the problems organizations encounter when it comes to managing their content. Contact us to learn more about how it can help your organization manage its workflow from start to finish.