The Key to Effective On-boarding

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June 5, 2018
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June 5, 2018

The on-boarding process in a corporate environment has clear goals which pertain directly to the knowledge and functionality of newly hired staff. However, it is possible that the method of administration can make a long career less likely for some hires. While education regarding company policies, ways of functioning and knowledge is paramount, the process itself has to be soft skill rich lest the trainee develops feelings that may affect their desire to become part of the long-term staff.  It can not simply be a nuts and bolts approach that is convenient for the company and trainer. It has to be prudently crafted so that it is not only informative but also geared towards long-term employee retention.

While training is certainly part of learning the company’s culture and language, it is also part bonding experience that makes new hires feel we welcomed and worthwhile. The success of this type of program lies in the genuineness and in the planning. It should exude a sense of calm and preparedness, as the new staff members are hyper-aware of how they are made to feel during this time. The company’s culture should also be an outwardly apparent aspect of this effort. This is their only experience as an employee so far, so it has to be just as much a representation of how the company treats people and does business, as it has to be effective and thorough in its multi-pronged educational efforts.

After going through a stressful hiring process, newly hired team members are craving the opportunity to showcase the skills and qualifications that make them so valuable. Throughout the official training and on-boarding process, opportunities for them do just that should be built into the schema. This shows that they are insecure and prudent hands and allows them to identify with a critical behavior that they, in turn, naturally begin to exhibit. This exercise in entrusting them during their training makes them feel good about their decision to join this group. It speaks to an innate sense of self-worth that is invaluable in longevity. With an efficient onboarding program, new staff members can not only be brought up to speed more effectively, so they can feel much better about the process, helping to ensure a lasting relationship.