The Top Things Every Salesperson Should Do in 2019 to Boost Sales – Part 2

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In order to be successful in sales, it is important that you learn to adapt and continually reevaluate your sales strategy, as regularly implementing new sales tactics can keep you fresh and boost your success rate. In a previous post, we discussed steps that salespeople should take in 2019 to boost sales. Keep reading as we continue to look at new ways you can improve your sales in the coming year.

Use Social Media

A crucial component of successful sales in 2019 is taking advantage of social media. When used properly, social media can prove to be a powerful tool to help you research, connect with, and communicate with potential prospects. Social media provides you with unique insight into potential customers that you would not have otherwise had, which can help you to find leads that are more likely to be successful. Additionally, depending on the industry you are in, you should consider taking advantage of social media as a tool to market yourself. However, it is critical that you do so in a professional manner, so you may want to consider taking a course on effective social media marketing.

Keep a Schedule

In order to best manage your time and improve your efficiency, it is essential that you keep a schedule and stick to it. Each day, you should prioritize what tasks you need to complete, and you should block your schedule by setting time allotments for each task. Setting a schedule will not only help to keep you organized, but it will also help to keep you on track and make sure that you get everything done that you need to by the end of the day. Having a set schedule will keep you motivated and focused on the task at hand, as you will have a specific time in mind that you will need to move on to your next task. Make sure to set time aside each day for research, emails, cold calling, social media outreach, as well as time to follow up on leads.

Take Time for Yourself

As odd as this may sound to many people in sales since there is often a culture in sales of working as much as you can, it is critical that you do not overwork yourself and that you occasionally take time off to care for yourself. While being a hard worker is important in sales, overworking yourself can actually diminish your sales. If you overwork yourself without taking enough time to rest and recharge, stress, burnout, and exhaustion can actually result in a reduction in sales. You should then make it a goal in the coming year to take a vacation and to take time throughout the week for yourself. You will likely find that you come back more energized and that you are more successful even though you are working less.

Implement New Technology

Of course, the most important thing that any salesperson can do to boost their performance in 2019 is to take advantage of the latest technology. Recent years have seen the rise of a variety of products and services that can help sales teams to communicate better, streamline their processes, and boost their performance. One such service that you and your team should consider using is HeyBuddy.

HeyBuddy is a flexible communications platform that simplifies the way teams communicate and share content by providing a single app that gives them access to all their apps and software that they currently use separately such as Salesforce or any CRM, HRIS, or other critical apps that they currently use. Contact us today to find out how HeyBuddy can help you and your sales team to boost your productivity in 2019.