What’s HeyBuddy

September 18, 2018
September 19, 2018

Hey Buddies!

We have exciting news to share from the launch of our refreshed website to successfully raising our third round of funding to keep our product development on course, and to continue to attract and retain happy customers. We are currently trying to become buddies with UPS, Pep Boys, Expedia, McDonald’s with exciting use case to solve their business problems with communications and content sharing

Hey… Does anyone know how or why we named our company HeyBuddy? If not, it’s a fun, short story…
We started out with our product named, “HeyBuddy” and launched it in the Salesforce AppExchange. Its primary purpose was to share and track marketing content presented by sales teams while deeply integrating with Salesforce. Along came an interesting use case that pushed us to leverage our platform to have corporate leaders and managers able to communicate seamlessly with employees while tracking all activity. We knew we could solve their business problem with what we originally built, so we decided to rebrand our product to “play nice” with all existing systems and devices, and the name HeyBuddy was born.

Then we needed a URL, and the fun really began. We had so many variations because the URL heybuddy.com was taken. We had many ideas like haybuddy, the heybuddy suite, and others that we were struggling to justify as good enough. Nothing was good enough except for heybuddy.com, so I approached the owner who had a website to support his line of children’s books about Bill Clinton’s dog, “Buddy”. We made the arrangements, secured the URL, and I did the moonwalk to celebrate…Thanks, Buddy!

Thank you,
Rob Wolf, CEO & Co-Founder