Why Cold Calling Doesn’t Work Anymore

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November 15, 2017
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November 21, 2017

Cold calling can easily be seen as the staple of committing to and making a sale. You might picture dreary scenes of cubicles and khakis as salesmen and women hit their goals of 100 calls a day. When a prospect picks up the phone, it’s surprising when they say they are interested in listening to your pitch…and more so when you can explain your product to them without a click on the other end. Your end goal isn’t to tell your story — it’s to sell your product.

The reality is that a lot has changed – the economy, the market, the consumer, technology. In an entirely different environment, cold calling simply does not work. Most people hate receiving them and have blocked their phones accordingly. Estimates of how many cold calls result in appointments range from 1-2%.

Today’s consumer is informed. They know how to search for what they want. They need to conclude that they need your product or service on their own. So how does that happen?

Tell your story

As Entrepreneur writes in The Rise of Inbound Marketing and the Death of the Cold Call, you are forcefully pushing your prospect into the buying cycle with every cold call. You have limited time to describe your product that you’ve worked so hard to build and perfect, and even at the end of your breath, your prospect still could reject your product due to lack of trust.

With digital marketing, you are building rapport with your product by telling your story. Say you improve usability with your website, displaying your company’s history on the homepage, and then showcasing your product on the next tab. You’ve successfully told your story, built trust with the prospect, and gently led a customer to your product page without tugging them along. You’ve given your customer the feeling of control over the sale, which is impossible with an unexpected phone conversation that is driven by a salesperson.

Testimonials from happy customers are a wonderful way to build trust. Network, provide value, and treat people right, and they will come to you again and again. In communications, be more authentic and less scripted. Share how you can help solve their problems without sounding like a sales script.

Use the pros of cold calling to your advantage

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being a cold caller, you’ve spent time researching your prospects and understanding why they would need your product. Your time researching, along with the time it takes to deliver your sales pitch to the consumer, money is wasted if the cosumer isn’t interested in your product.

When you digitize your marketing with a mobile sales platform, the research is done for you. Customers that have interests in your products will start coming to you, eliminating the need for Google searching esoteric themes that can only be used on one business at a time. Once you define your product and you characterize it in a way that is unique to your brand, customers will be calling you for more information. While the digital world is taking the manual research labor out of your hands, you have more time to invest in your product, your customers, and your overall business.

With a platform like HeyBuddy, the most effective content can be deployed to entire teams in a matter of minutes. Both the sales team and the marketing team are connected by how invested they are in each other’s success, as both teams better understand one another and work together to overdeliver to customers and win deals.

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