Workflow Automation Software Making It Simple

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June 25, 2018
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September 4, 2018

Looking for the best workflow automation software for your business? The HeyBuddy platform can make even the most complicated sales processes easier to manage.

HeyBuddy installs seamlessly on all devices and intuitively connects with Salesforce or any other CRM you use, so there is no need to invest in new technology. Simply install the app on your preferred device and start seeing the value immediately.

Deliver a compelling presentation with just a few clicks, then package it all up and send it to your prospective client. Your marketing team will be excited about their beautiful, brand-consistent visuals being shared, and your sales team will be enthusiastic when they don’t have to spend time and effort on administrative tasks.

HeyBuddy adapts to you and your team, not the other way around. API access for developers allows the software to be customized for larger organizations and more complex processes. With the right customizations, you can set permissions for different user levels and pull detailed reports based on the metrics that matter to your team.

What Are the Benefits of Workflow Management Software?

Here are a few of the benefits of HeyBuddy workflow management software:

Mobile access.
HeyBuddy gives your employees easy access to content and data from any device. It’s intuitive, does not require Wi-Fi, and is accessible off-line, allowing sales reps to keep working even without an internet connection.

Reduced costs.
There are only so many minutes in a day, and how your sales reps spend their time matters. Automating workflows removes the human element from the equation and creates a reliable and consistent process that can cut costs where it matters most.

As your team uses the HeyBuddy app, you will gain valuable insight into the work they’ve done. Reporting features enable you to see and analyze where obstacles may be and where to focus your attention to provide remedies and improvements. Lower training overhead. Improve the efficiency of on-boarding new employees, and provide sales teams with a single, familiar interface for ongoing training, while keeping your operations running smoothly.

Ease of use.
HeyBuddy is easy to set up and your team can have it up and running with or without the assistance of the HeyBuddy team. We offer implementation consulting if you need assistance with creating content, migrating existing marketing collateral, or deploying your instance to your team. Try before you buy with a free demo.

Affordable pricing.
The first solution on the HeyBuddy Platform, such as HeyBuddy for Sales, is $35 per user per month. Adding a second solution, like HeyBuddy for HR, offers pricing at $60 per user per month, and the third solution $80 per user per month. Additional solutions are $15 thereafter.

When your team is struggling to meet goals or your workflow isn’t streamlined the way it should be, workflow automation software like HeyBuddy can help. If you’re unsure where to start, learn more about the platform’s capabilities by calling the HeyBuddy Studio at (484)516-2526 or click here to get started.