What's the investment?

Make each Team Member
4x More Efficient for Only User

Per User, Per Month

That's $420 per person / yr.

Transparent Pricing

$35 per month, per user

Our experts understand enterprise business solutions better than anyone else. We don’t have a confusing pricing model, what you see is what you get.

HeyBuddy is easy to set up and your team can have it up and running with or without our assistance. We offer implementation consulting if you need assistance with creating content, migrating existing marketing collateral, or deploying your instance to your team.

The first solution on the HeyBuddy Platform is $35 per user, per month. The ability to customize the app for your organization, as well as add additional teams and users can be accomplished with the help of one of our team members. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to learn more today!

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Increase Productivity Across All Channels

Our platform helps enterprise teams in a variety of different departments foster better connections, but that's not all, by combining the use of an efficient platform with fully integrated communications, all teams become more productive. Use the app externally for inventory, compliance, or client meetings... or internally for employee training, onboarding, or any other meeting.

  • Average productivity increase during each work day25%

Deliver More Compelling Conversations

Employees can easily deliver effortless, brand consistent presentations internally or while in the field, and use the same app to reduce follow up & admin time.

  • Average increase in productivity per team member during the first year22%

Reduce the Cost of Printed Materials

Experience significant savings in the cost of printing and shipping with electronic delivery. Our easy-to-use interface allows even those who are technologically challenged the ability to deliver meaningful content like a rockstar.

  • Average decrease in cost per company during the first year60%


Preparation Time

Significantly reduce the amount of administrative time spent on preparing for a meeting. Organization of your meeting is effortless and straightforward, making it easy to prepare, present, & follow up.


Team Reduction

Focus on your highest performers. Deep insights reveal what impacts your business the most; we've seen an average reduction in the amount of team members of 15% from those integrating the HeyBuddy platform across their organization.

  • Luis Arias
    Luis Arias CH Briggs

    HeyBuddy for Sales has simplified our sales process so our field sales professionals can spend less time prepping for meetings and more time with customers.

    Luis Arias
    C.H. Briggs
  • Noelle Wolf
    Noelle Wolf

    Attracting talented people has been essential to the success of LaunchDM. HeyBuddy assists in hiring top talent, which in turn helps our company do great things. HeyBuddy makes it easy to streamline communications so we can stay in our creative zone.

    Noelle Wolf
    Director of Operations, LaunchDM
  • Gina Cochran
    Gina Cochran

    HeyBuddy has been a lifeline for our growth and efficiency; we depend on it daily to help us shorten our sale cycle and showcase our products in way that our competitors could only dream of.

    Gina Cochran
    Global Marketing Manager, NeoStrata Company Inc., A Johnson & Johnson Company

Make Every Customer Interaction a Success!

Streamline Processes
  • Tablet & Desktop Compatible
  • Upload and Organize
  • Import files from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Egnyte & More
  • Distribute to any Mobile Device
  • Update in Real-Time
  • Personal Channel for Every User
User Management
  • Add and Manage Users and Groups of Users
  • Distribute Content to Specific Channels
Lead Generation
  • Create and Manage Leads and Contact Funnels
  • View and Easily Export Data
  • Mix and Match Presentations to create the Perfect Pitch
  • Share a Personalized & Unique Collection of Content
  • Easily Annotate & Share Documents
Customer Support Packages
  • Training
  • Technical Support
  • Professional Services
  • Employee Onboarding

Insights at your Fingertips!

  • Send Announcements to Users & Groups
  • Provide Feedback Easily & Accurately
Content Access
  • Find, Present and Share on All Devices
  • Access Content both Online and Offline on any Mobile Device
  • Use the Web App in your Favorite Browser
Reporting & Insights
  • Content Analytics - Track what is Viewed, Shared or Downloaded
  • User Analytics - Monitor User Activity
  • Prospect Analytics - Track Interactions with Shared Content
  • Receive a Push Notification when a Prospect Interacts with Shared Content
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Salesforce*
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM*
  • Branding
    • Add Corporate Branding, Logos and Icons
    • Custom Themes for Brand Consistency