C.H. Briggs

C.H. Briggs is one of the largest independently owned distributors of specialty building products on the east coast. Serving the residential and commercial construction industries, and the architecture and design communities, their highly diverse customer base includes manufacturers of countertops, cabinets, and commercial casework, as well as kitchen/bath and specialty retailers - they needed a more streamline way to present accurate materials to each unique buyer persona to increase close rates.

There was too much time wasted preparing for and following up on sales presentations, only to present inaccurate content. HeyBuddy allowed C.H. Briggs to streamline their sales and marketing teams so each can support one another from the preparation of sales presentations all the way through closing the deal; with all content controlled and tracked in their CRM (Salesforce).


  • Marketing controls content in Salesforce
  • Get the right resources to the right place
  • Modern sales experience presented on mobile devices
  • Attract and retain customer opportunities


The Company’s sales reps were having trouble finding essential content and needed a far more powerful search experience. As a consequence, they were creating unnecessary versions of sales content, had little idea how their content was performing, and were losing customer opportunities.



By providing an intuitive and powerful search experience, along with the ability to present from any mobile device, HeyBuddy met each of the company’s technical qualifications. Perhaps more importantly, HeyBuddy gave the leadership team visibility into the way their best performers were delivering presentations, a powerful tool to help drive innovation and future success with insight into strategic content usage.


Teams spend more time doing the things that matter most, like connecting with their prospective customers, and less time worrying about details such as paperwork and administrative tasks.