HeyBuddy is a flexible communications platform simplifying the way teams communicate and share content. NEOSTRATA, a Johnson & Johnson Company, adopted HeyBuddy a few years ago for its sales team to present skincare products and case studies in sales meetings. The sales team can’t live without it! It’s been a game changer for their team and admittedly separates them from their competition.


HeyBuddy allows the NEOSTRATA sales team to present before-and-after photos from the results of using their products. By having all relevant content at their fingertips, they can sell multiple products faster with rich images and the ability to zoom in close to see the end results while using iPads. With HeyBuddy, the sales team does not have to go back into their CRM (Salesforce) to complete their day because the HeyBuddy Package Editor built the follow up deck dynamically and turns it into a deliverable .pdf as the sales reps was presenting.


If you can’t show-and-tell while selling skincare products it is a struggle. If you don’t have a modern way to present rich photography is becomes even more of a struggle. The NEOSTRATA sales team lacked the tools and methods to present rich photos and videos during the sales process; and lacked the ability to efficiently follow up with their prospects. This created an inefficient sales process leading to long sales cycles, extra administrative work in Salesforce, and less time in front of the customer. The final challenge was to be able to access and use the content in Salesforce that was difficult to access and use.


NEOSTRATA sales reps are presenting before-and-after unified sales & marketing materials on iPads, stored and controlled in Salesforce. Think of HeyBuddy as a friendlier layer that sits above Salesforce creating a simple “dashboard” to present, share, and track just the content you need. As the team presents from their mobile devices, their tap-through activity is saved into Salesforce “automagically” - reducing the administrate time your day in their CRM. We were also able to increase the utilization of their valuable Salesforce investment by reducing the need to work directly in Salesforce.



More efficient sales process


Faster follow up time


Less meeting prep time


Less administrative time for each rep

HeyBuddy has been a lifeline for our growth and efficiency; we depend on it daily to help us shorten our sales cycle and showcase our products in ways that our competitors could only dream of ."

Gina Cochran Global Marketing Manager, NeoStrata Company Inc.,
A Johnson & Johnson Company