Truck Leasing & Logistics Company

HeyBuddy is a flexible communications platform simplifying the way teams communicate and share content. The Truck Leasing sales team adopted HeyBuddy a few years ago and it has become the nucleus of their sales plan and process. To show how this happened, let’s take a deeper dive on how HeyBuddy helps the Truck Leasing sales team increase sales, operate more efficiently and reduce the cost of selling.


  • Lower cost per sale
  • Speed up their sales cycle
  • Crush sales quotas
  • Gain access to accurate sales materials
  • Gain more time in front of customers with less time on paperwork
  • Increase the utilization of their current CRM


A day in the life of a sales rep before using HeyBuddy:

  • Filled with unnecessary paperwork and lost productivity
  • Reps would present inaccurate materials, with printed sales sheets and out-dated PowerPoint decks
  • Content was saved locally on each reps’ PC laptops
  • Reps were disjointed due to preparing for sales meetings, presenting, and following up
  • Having inefficiencies in their sales process
  • Unimpressive sales numbers, not making their quotas
  • Less time in front of customers due to administrative work


After using HeyBuddy…

  • The company now has 700+ sales reps presenting unified sales & marketing materials on iPads and other modern mobile devices, stored and controlled in Salesforce.
  • Each rep now has the ability to develop sales decks with HeyBuddy’s AI Slide Builder
  • With HeyBuddy each rep’s presentation is now saved in Salesforce with the tap-through activity “automagically” - reduced administrative time in their CRM.
  • The team now saves an average of two hours per day on administrative tasks.
  • HeyBuddy helped the company’s managers easily track data to refine sales process, and improve each rep’s performance.


HeyBuddy helped provide a culture refresh and a new sense of connection; while sales reps present, share and track the right sales & marketing content to improve sales efficiencies.

  • 30% Increase in salesforce utilization
  • 25% average increase in productivity during each work day
  • Millions saved in training

Reduction in overall time to close an average sales cycle


Less admin time for each rep


Average increase in sales per rep during first year


Average decrease in printing costs during the first year