“When I think about great service, it’s about how you take every interaction you have with the customer and use that as a way to improve their perception of your organization.”

Jon Herstein
Senior Vice President, Customer Success at Box

Modern Business
Communication Solution

From company news to project updates, HeyBuddy provides everything you need to connect, engage, and empower your company's ecosystem. All in one place.

Stay in touch with customers, vendors, employees and any other valuable team members in your ecosystem. Gain valuable feedback and insights on your company.

Streamline your ecosystem’s communication with in-app messaging collaboration and content sharing, so you can increase engagement in a more intuitive way.


25% of Increased Team Communication.

With all your communications in one place, you can create consistent messaging and cut down on wasted resources.


100% of Increased Employee Engagement.

A more mobile solution that brings people and resources together to solve critical business challenges — and cultivate a strong corporate culture.

  • HeyBuddy aligns teams with a state-of-the-art tool that ultimately helps them become more efficient and drive revenue.100%


Offer unparalleled reliability and consistent experience
no matter who needs information in your ecosystem.