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August 31, 2017
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September 20, 2017

Ever wonder why your team isn’t getting the results you would like online?

Many websites use outdated marketing tactics that interrupt a user’s experience. Instead of encouraging them to raise their hand and say “yes, I’m interested hearing from you” many use interruptive marketing tactics that annoy website visitors and may even cause them to leave early, resulting in a high “bounce rate.”

Interruption marketing is based on the idea that ads need to interrupt a person’s day to get their attention. However, this marketing tactic is outdated and can actually harm your business. Too many disruptive ads could land your website an SEO penalty.

How can you “up” your marketing game?

Permission-based marketing is a practice that relies on companies receiving a user’s consent before advertising to them. Potential customers visit your website, read valuable content, and finally, decide whether you’re worth following. They can then join your email list or opt-in to a content offer.

Modern marketers have turned permission-based marketing into the new normal and in turn, that has led to the need for more effective sales enablement platforms that align with the overall strategy.

Here are 3 ways you can drive revenue to your bottom line by focusing on digital marketing:

1. Assess Lead Generation

Communication between sales and marketing is the key to understanding the current process and how it can be improved. If your company is not effectively utilizing the right strategy, it can put you lightyears behind your competition.

2) Content Creation

Sales and marketing educate buyers and provide insights to potential consumers in different ways. Aligning the two is imperative for gaining a competitive edge.

3) Streamline Communication

The sales process often falls victim to ineffective communication. It’s important to invest in resources that enable sales and marketing to share pertinent information on a regular basis.

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