• Noelle Wolf

    "Attracting talented people has been essential to the success of LaunchDM. HeyBuddy assists in hiring top talent, which in turn helps our company do great things. HeyBuddy makes it easy to streamline communications so we can stay in our zone"

    Noelle Wolf
    Director of Operations, LaunchDM

An Engaged Employee is 87% More Likely to Stay

Are you measuring the signs to take action before an employee leaves? Deliver personalized content and message to all your employees and stakeholders; whether they work at a desk, in the field or from home.


70% of Employees are
Disengaged at Work.

With a workforce that is changing faster than ever, how are you driving your team to be more aware, productive and retain longer?

What is HeyBuddy for HR?

Imagine having all your existing systems able to integrate and organize data securely in one location (HRIS, performance appraisals, meetings, blogs, video sharing and customer reviews) but accessible in seconds on any mobile device. HeyBuddy is an easy to use solution app that empowers your teams with valuable data just when they need it.

HeyBuddy is used by enterprise level companies around the globe to instantly foster connections with employees and simplify processes. HeyBuddy is simple, secure and smart.

What Makes us Different?


Simple, Quick & Easy

With our simple architecture HeyBuddy can go live in months, not years with a simple non-distruptive rollout - purely branded to fit your design standards.


Comply. Control.

Valuable analytics that sync with your existing HRIS systems are produced as the team uses the HeyBuddy app. Research, analyze and improve corporate-employee engagement based on your data.


HeyBuddy adapts to you and your teams,
not the other way around.