It's the Best Kept Secret to Closing Deals Faster!

Your buyer has changed, has your sales process?

Are you frustrated by the amount of time and effort it takes to type deals and meeting information into SalesForce (or any CRM)? Learn the secret to what has changed the way salespeople prepare for, present, and follow up from their meetings. Say goodbye to all the admin time wasted customizing materials for your sales meeting.

Stop selling the old way!

  • Gina Cochran
    Gina Cochran

    HeyBuddy has been a lifeline for our growth and efficiency; we depend on it daily to help us shorten our sale cycle and showcase our products in a way that our competitors could only dream of.

    Gina Cochran
    Global Marketing Manager, NeoStrata Company Inc., A Johnson & Johnson Company

Increase Productivity

Sales teams are able to work more efficiently, that means time to close more deals but that's not all, admin time is reduced so that all teams become more productive. Preparing for employee training, on-boarding, or any other meeting is smart, intuitive, and simple.

  • Average productivity increase during each work day25%

Increase Engagement

Imagine delivering an effortless, brand consistent sales presentation on any device. Imagine all the meeting information syncing into Salesforce (or any CRM) with the click of a button. No more typing! Selling is made easier, just tap, swipe, and click.

  • Average increase in sales per rep during the first year22%

Reduce the Time & Cost of Printed Materials

Experience significant savings in time and effort by sending an entire customized presentation to your client with 1-click. A single, easy-to-use app allows even those who are technologically challenged the ability to deliver meaningful content like a rockstar.

  • Average decrease in cost per company during the first year60%


Preparation Time

Significantly reduce the amount of administrative time spent on preparing for a sales meeting. Organization of your meeting is effortless and straightforward, making it easy to prepare & follow up.


Knowledge is Power

100% Transparent Metrics. Deep insights reveal what impacts your sales process the most; know what resonates with your prospects, and use that information to sell better, mentor new team members, and connect across a global network.

Spend more time doing the things that matter most, and less time worrying about the details.

Are you ready to make an impact? Move beyond enablement and learn how you can transform your sales process and make a lasting impact on your customers. View our 1-minute video to learn more!