App for Sales Team

Are you looking for an app that will make your sales team more productive? Look no further than HeyBuddy, a sales presentation app that helps your team deliver compelling sales presentations while on the go… just Setup, Sync and Sell! According to research by Gartner, the average sales rep spends less than 45% of their time selling products. The rest is devoted to travel, preparation and administrative tasks. This leaves little time for face time with customers and prospects.  How are you going to grow your business if your sales reps don’t have time to make sales? The first step is to eliminate the time your reps spend creating presentations before every meeting. With HeyBuddy, you build the presentation you think best conveys your brand message, and send your team on the road with well-organized, up-to-date materials. Download HeyBuddy from an AppExchange. Set it up fast using our pre-built, easy-to-install themes, or design your own custom look and feel within our flexible architecture. Next, sync up the app to your CRM, which contains your latest and greatest sales presentation materials –documents, PDFs, images, videos and more – and eliminate the time your sales associates spend building their pitches from scratch. HeyBuddy lets you control what is being said, to whom and when without the risk of your team using wrong or outdated versions of your sales collateral in their presentations. Prospects will always get a consistent message. The app allows you to record as you present, and display compelling content, such as videos and large 360-degree product views.  The ability to use infographics, graphs, tables, videos and colorful images from your CRM enables your sales reps to tell a compelling story of your brand and keep the client’s attention. Another advantage of HeyBuddy is that it’s designed to work both online and offline. No more worries about connecting to a client’s network or finding a reliable wireless connection. Just sync up the app (when you have an internet connection) and go close deals.

Other Sales Productivity Killers

Aside from having to create presentations from scratch, there are other productivity problems faced by sales teams today. Manual processes. Manual quote/ approval and performance/feedback processes are inefficient and can be huge productivity killers, making it difficult for your sales team to accomplish its goals. Solution: All activity in HeyBuddy is routed through your CRM. Just by tapping through the app in their sales meetings, your reps populate your CRM, providing you with dashboards, reports, and analytics to track against goals and make qualified decisions. Monitor your team’s sales effectiveness and track what is working by salesperson, product or region. Lack of training.  Sales is a skill set that needs to be developed, and it takes time. To ensure success, all sales reps need to develop a disciplined approach to managing their time and consistently following your sales methodology. When you leave the sales team to its own devices, the results may be less than you hoped for. Solution: HeyBuddy helps keep your training costs to a minimum since your sales materials are always consistent and well-organized.  Each presentation is recorded and logged into the CRM. Your reps can save them, package them, and send them to prospects for follow-up in a timely manner. And your teams can easily share tips and techniques on closed/won deals.  Savvy managers equip their sales teams with apps that make them more organized and more productive. HeyBuddy is intuitive, easy to use, and designed to dramatically increase selling time.  To find out more about this innovative app, click here for our contact form or call us at (484) 516-2526.

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