Apps for HR Managers

With recruitment, onboarding and training, performance reviews, benefits administration, and compliance programs, the work of HR managers is never done. Mobile apps, such as HeyBuddy, can help eliminate the tedious and time-consuming processes that make you feel overwhelmed. HeyBuddy is a cloud-based human resources tool that can revolutionize the way you do business. All of the employee data attached to your existing HRIS system can be accessible in seconds, securely, on any mobile device. The easy-to-use solution empowers your team with valuable data when and where they need it and is popular with enterprise level companies around the globe. The app runs on the efficient and flexible HeyBuddy platform and encourages higher productivity and fully integrated communications for HR teams. HeyBuddy technology serves global leaders in industries such as manufacturing, energy, financial services, healthcare, and more. With flexible modules and an open API, our mobile solutions can be tailored to your business’ particular needs.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Organize your hiring process with HeyBuddy. Develop workflows for recruiting, conducting interviews, and extending offers to employees you want to bring on board. When hired, implement an onboarding workflow to get them up to speed on your company’s procedures as quickly as possible.

Manage Operational Issues

By using HeyBuddy, managers will no longer have to manually monitor daily operational issues. Imagine putting simple tasks like vacation requests or expense reporting onto an employee’s mobile device to be quickly handled the same way they handle their personal calendars or online banking, no matter where they happen to be in the world.

Performance Assessment

Use HeyBuddy to implement regular performance reviews. Assessments can be administered quickly and easily, enabling you to identify the best candidates and hire (or promote) with confidence. Consider building hiring profile workflows for each of your company’s job opportunities. Include a list of desirable behavioral traits and problem-solving abilities, evaluate the resumes and CVs you receive, and compare each candidate’s results against them. With feedback from trusted managers, you’ll be able to choose candidates who are right for your business.

Connect Workers to Resources

HeyBuddy uses push notifications that enable you to share important information, such as new company policies or notices of office closures, directly to employees’ mobile devices as soon as they become available. Make legal forms, handbooks, company videos or podcasts, training modules, and other information available in an easy-to-digest fashion.

Analyze and Optimize

As your employees use HeyBuddy in their work, valuable analytics are synced with your existing HRIS system and available to key decision-makers in real time. This enables you to research, analyze, and improve your recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training processes, track and optimize your conversion metrics and team performance, and detect bottlenecks or problems. Cloud-based mobile apps like HeyBuddy can help reduce the demands on your HR managers. Find out more by calling the HeyBuddy Team at (484) 516-2526 or click below to get started.

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