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Storytelling sells. With B2B sales apps like HeyBuddy and a minimum of exploration and training, your team can leverage the power of visual communications with presentations that will grab the prospect’s attention and make your brand stand out. Have you heard the term “death by PowerPoint”? The typical slide presentation is often boring and lacking in interactivity. When you want to stand out from your competition and engage your audience in your sales presentation, slides may not be the answer.

Why You Need HeyBuddy

HeyBuddy is a must-have interactive B2B sales app that’s compatible with any CRM. Download and setup is easy. Create your own custom-branded graphics, or choose one of our themes in just a few clicks. Organize your essential presentation files in your CRM, sync up the app, and send your team out with everything they need at their fingertips. HeyBuddy can help boost the performance of your team in a competitive selling environment by allowing you to utilize materials from your CRM, such as images, infographics, videos and more, to do some “visual storytelling.” Build the presentation you want with a variety of different content to showcase your product or services and demonstrate their unique value. Deploy it to your team, and send your sales team out to deliver a consistent message to your audience. Share fresh content easily across a worldwide network with the click of a button. Equipping your sales team with brochures and printed material is expensive, and it’s challenging to keep it all up to date. Instead, eliminate the cost of printing and shipping sales materials by making the content digitally available to sales reps on their HeyBuddy app. When changes need to be made to content, updates are distributed instantly to the team. Using HeyBuddy can dramatically increase selling time because all content is in one well-organized location that can be easily accessed online or offline at any time.

Why Visual Storytelling Is Effective

Images are a shortcut to our human brains, which process what we see many times faster than what we hear.  Experts say that 90 percent of all information transmitted to the brain is visual, so images can be an invaluable selling tool. With too little time and short attention spans, customers and prospects are easily distracted from your message. Why waste time communicating only with words and text-based documents when you can tell your brand’s story in new ways? Your brand may benefit from demonstrating industry trends with infographics, by showing your products in action with compelling images, or by offering the audience short video testimonials about your company.  Videos and large product views work beautifully in HeyBuddy without having to download each one or wait for buffering to finish.  Experiment to see what’s effective, and share what works. With HeyBuddy, sales reps who work with similar clients can share sales materials and insights about how prospects responded to their presentations for better collaboration and a more efficient overall sales process. And, just by tapping through HeyBuddy in a sales meeting, your reps are populating the CRM, providing you with dashboards, reports, and analytics to track against goals and make data-informed decisions. Discover more about the capabilities of HeyBuddy and B2B sales apps by calling us at (484) 516-2526 or use our contact form by clicking here.

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