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Is your sales team experiencing fatigue? HeyBuddy is one of the top B2B sales tools that will rescue them from countless hours of administrative work and get them back on the road doing what they love – selling! HeyBuddy is a sales presentation app that syncs with any CRM, allowing sales teams to operate more efficiently and effectively. The tool enables companies to deliver compelling, brand-consistent sales presentations, while simultaneously giving Sales Managers greater insight into their team’s daily sales activity. As the sales team is closing deals faster, managers can monitor activity and results to make better decisions. The innovative mobile app is brought to you by LaunchDM, an international creative digital marketing studio located in Reading, PA, that develops functional and creative digital and traditional solutions for clients and their customers. LaunchDM creates new solutions and platforms for communicating clients’ brands, always focused on helping organizations realize their goals.

HeyBuddy Can Help You…

Be engaging: Instead of boring prospects with white papers and dull PowerPoint slides, load custom, branded content with videos, animated demos, infographics, and other colorful, engaging materials to keep the audience interested. Videos and large product views work beautifully in HeyBuddy, and you won’t have to download each one or wait for buffering to finish. The entire site map of content stored in your suite of tools is accessible via our “Package Editor,” and your team will love the functionality! Be consistent: HeyBuddy ensures that your team is always presenting fresh, up-to-date content. If you need to change something quickly, use the sleek Admin Panel to organize the new content. Hit the “Publish” button, and notify your sales team that new content is ready to be synced. Your marketing team will love that everyone in the field is using an accurate and up to date slide deck! Be productive: In the past, reps had to spend hours gathering up sales presentation materials, lug them along to the client meeting or to a trade show, gather information and feedback, return to the office, and manually prepare follow-ups and estimates. Now, each presentation can be recorded and logged, so they won’t have to waste time following up after a meeting. Save it, package it and email it with the click of a button, reducing the time and hassle of post-meeting paperwork. Track goals: Tapping through HeyBuddy in sales meetings simultaneously populates your CRM, giving managers and executives dashboards, reports, and analytics that help them track goals and make qualified decisions. Monitor your team’s sales effectiveness and find out what’s working or what isn’t working by salesperson, product or region. This allows you to focus on optimizing your sales materials to increase sales. If you are looking to drive more B2B sales, the HeyBuddy presentation app can keep your team lean and efficient. To learn more about it or get your free demo, give us a call at (484) 516-2526 or click below to get started!

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