Best HR Tools

Bring a new level of efficiency and productivity to your organization with HeyBuddy, one of the best mobile HR tools on the market today. HeyBuddy is an easy to use cloud-based solution that empowers your team with valuable data when and where they need it. Used by enterprise level companies around the globe, the cloud-based solution revolutionizes the way teams connect and engage. Download and set up the app in minutes. Use it with your favorite mobile device and streamline the preparation, presentation, and follow-up process across your entire organization. It does not require Wi-Fi and is designed to run online or offline.

Cut Recruiting Time in Half

HeyBuddy enables managers to collaborate in ways that were not possible before. For many companies, a week or more can elapse between receiving a resume, emailing it to colleagues, collecting comments and conducting an interview. Speed up the entire process by using HeyBuddy to route resumes between managers, including those in remote locations, attach comments and opinions, schedule interviews, track the applications through the system, and store them for future reference, all within a day or two.

Onboard Efficiently

Managers can be so determined to recruit talented workers that they forget about what has to happen once the new hire arrives ready to work. With HeyBuddy, you can develop onboarding workflows to make welcome letters, directions, legal forms, employee handbooks, company videos or podcasts, and other information available in an easy-to-digest fashion to avoid overwhelming new hires on their first day.

Ensure Policy Compliance

Ensuring that every employee receives copies of revised company policies or procedures can be a challenge. Documenting that they’ve read and understood the changes can literally take months. With HeyBuddy, you can set up a policy acceptance workflow, easily push important notifications to all employees via their mobile devices with the push of a button, and then monitor the results without leaving your desk.

Promote Enterprise Networking

HeyBuddy can help you foster internal networking to make it easier for employees to connect with colleagues, find subject matter experts within the organization, share best practices and gain insight into cross-functional activities. Create enterprise news feeds, polls, and wikis to better engage your workforce. Offer access to training modules to enable ongoing employee development. Provide greater visibility for internal career growth opportunities to encourage your employees to stay with you longer.

Get Real-Time Analytics

As your team uses the app, HeyBuddy produces valuable analytics that syncs with your existing HRIS system. Research, analyze, and improve your processes based on these analytics. Track the progress of new hires and other trainees, set performance objectives, and let them know how they’re doing all along the way. HeyBuddy is one of the best HR tools for revolutionizing the way you work. To learn more about the mobile app, give us a call at (484) 516-2526, or get started by clicking the button below.  

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