Best iPad Apps for Sales People

Create and execute compelling presentations in half the time with HeyBuddy, one of the best iPad and tablet apps for salespeople! HeyBuddy is the new must-have mobile sales presentation aid that’s now available across all devices. Customize it to suit your brand, organize the presentation files in your own CRM, sync the app to your device, and you’re good to go. Best iPad Apps for Sales PeopleInstead of reps spending time gathering materials and creating every sales presentation from scratch, they can focus on selling. Instead of lugging along briefcases full of brochures, go paperless, where reps can switch dynamically between types of content based on each prospect’s interests, and then execute sales transactions on the spot by providing on-site quotes and delivering the entire presentation via email with the click of a button. Sales managers love HeyBuddy, too! All HeyBuddy activity is routed through your existing CRM, and they’ll have dashboard reports of activity in the field. And it’s easy to share tips and techniques on closed/won deals with the sales team. 

How to Leave Your Customers Inspired

The stakes are high when you’re making a sales pitch, and there’s a lot of pressure to perform. Here are a few tips to ensure that your story stands out and leaves prospects inspired:

  1. Find out what challenges your prospect faces.

Go prepared. Identify any challenges your prospect wants to solve ahead of time and customize your presentation in HeyBuddy to address them. When they see that you’re aware of their situation and understand their needs, they’ll be able to relate to your pitch.

  1. Customize solutions.

To leave your prospects inspired, offer concrete solutions to their challenges. Point out the features of your products or services that speak directly to their problems. Use HeyBuddy to store product flyers, photos, white papers, infographics and anything else that you can have at your fingertips if the need arises. When you make the solutions specific, you’ll give your presentation a more personalized feeling.

  1. Use visuals wisely.

Visual demonstrations make a big impact. Use colorful product images and short videos to highlight your products or services and elevate your brand story. Creating a presentation with HeyBuddy that mirrors your brand and makes your sales presentation more distinguishable and unique. Best of all, it will also help to remind your audience that you’re the best choice compared to your competitors.

  1. Listen closely.

Improving your listening skills is an essential part of your presentation. In addition to prices, timelines, implementation costs, and ways that your products or services might improve their processes are also factors your prospect will consider when deciding if your proposal is feasible. Clarify their concerns to avoid misunderstandings. This will give them the impression that you care about what they need and are not just pushing out products in the hopes that someone will bite. Your sales pitch doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. By following these tips, you’ll leave prospective clients inspired and ready to get on board! Reach out to the awesome HeyBuddy team today for a quick demo of the best iPad apps for salespeople that can revolutionize the way you sell. Call us today at (484) 516-2526 get started by clicking the button below.

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