Best Sales Apps for iPad

HeyBuddy is one of the best sales apps for the iPad. Use it to create consistent and compelling presentations that will help you win more business, and make everyone’s job easier, from sales teams to sales managers. HeyBuddy is the newest must-have app that’s available across iOS and Windows devices and is designed to work wherever you need it, online or offline.  Download and setup are simple. Use custom-branded graphics or choose a pre-built theme in just a few clicks. Organize your materials in Salesforce Content, sync up the app, and sell. Best Sales Apps for iPadKeep potential customers engaged in the conversation by integrating different types of content. Even videos and large product views are convenient without having to download each one or wait for buffering to finish. Your sales team will love HeyBuddy! With this mobile sales solution, your team won’t have to waste time building presentations from scratch. Instead, build a presentation you feel showcases your product and conveys your brand message with documents, PDFs, images and more, and send your team out to deliver a consistent message. Share fresh content easily across a worldwide network with the click of a button. While sales are underway, sales managers and executive teams can monitor activity and results via Salesforce to make qualified decisions. Just by tapping through HeyBuddy in your sales meeting, you’re populating Salesforce, providing your sales manager with dashboards, reports, and analytics to track against goals and make informed decisions.

Ideas for Creating Great Presentations

It’s easy to get distracted these days, and the last thing you’ll want to see during your presentation is a prospect with glazed-over eyes or one who’s playing games on his or her phone. Here are a few tips for making your presentation interactive and keeping them engaged:

    1. Consider video. If you have access to an introductory video or product videos that could help convey a point you’re trying to make, use them. But avoid going overboard. Videos can be a nice break for your audience from listening to you talk, and HeyBuddy makes it possible to incorporate them without having to wait for loading or buffering.
    2. Use images. Nothing could be more boring than having to read a bunch of text during a presentation. Pictures are worth a thousand words and will stick in their minds longer. Incorporate some images to give your message more impact.
    3. Incorporate graphs and charts. Most audiences dislike having to read spreadsheets and large amounts of text or listen to you read raw numbers. Charts and graphs can help them visualize the data and make your point much more memorable.
    4. Ask and take questions. If you’re presenting to a large group, it may be wise to designate a specific time for questions. Otherwise, encouraging questions throughout your presentation will help you focus on what matters to your audience and give you a better chance at closing the deal.

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