CRM & Sales Presentation Software

If you’ve been looking for mobile apps to improve your team’s productivity, HeyBuddy offers sophisticated CRM and sales presentation software that can revolutionize the way your reps present your brand message in the field. HeyBuddy is the new must-have digital sales aid that’s available across all devices:

  • Set it up in minutes with packaged themes
  • Design your own custom-branded graphics
  • Organize presentation files in any CRM
  • Integrate large product graphics, engaging videos, and more
  • Sync the app to your team’s mobile devices
  • Track your team’s sales activity
  • Close deals faster!

Update the content as often as you like, and share it across a worldwide network at the click of a button. Disable access to materials that no longer match your brand strategy. Your reps will always have up-to-date sales collateral at their fingertips. HeyBuddy needs an internet connection to sync data, but it works perfectly offline too.  Your reps no longer need to worry about finding a reliable Wi-Fi connection to show a presentation, wait for a laptop to boot up, troubleshoot firewalls, and hassle over other technical issues. Once HeyBuddy has been synced to their device, they can make a seamless presentation and focus on maximizing sales. All HeyBuddy activity is also routed through your CRM, so you’ll be able to track what’s being used, by whom, and where, to get a better feeling for what works and what doesn’t. Monitor your team’s sales effectiveness and track activity by salesperson, product or region. Then focus on improving your presentation materials to increase sales.

Control the Message

Instead of letting your team waste time building presentations from scratch before each meeting and hoping for the best, HeyBuddy gives you the ability to control messaging and branding to ensure that everyone is using the same approved presentation and presenting your products or services in the best light. 

Save on Training Costs

Most of us won’t try anything new unless it’s simple. Mobile sales tools can help you introduce cost-saving automation to your team by allowing your sales team to use HeyBuddy app and the mobile devices they already know and love. HeyBuddy is intuitive and easy to use, and successful presentations are ideal for training purposes. Sales reps can also save presentations, package them, and send them to prospects for follow-up. Agents who work with similar clients will be able to share sales materials and notes about how customers responded to a presentation for a more efficient overall sales process. HeyBuddy is a must-have app for your sales arsenal. As a trusted brand in the sales ecosystem, we have vast experience in optimizing sales for businesses. Because we also use it ourselves, we can help you leverage its functionality. Try our sales presentation app to empower your team and improve the experience throughout your entire sales funnel. Find out more about how you can improve sales today by calling us at (484) 516-2526 or click below to get started.

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