Great Apps for Salespeople

There are some great mobile apps available today for salespeople, including HeyBuddy, a digital sales aid that can help your team make consistent and compelling presentations in the field. HeyBuddy is the newest must-have that’s available across all CRMs and is designed to work wherever you need it, online or offline.  Download and setup is easy. Use custom-branded graphics or choose one of our pre-built themes in just a few clicks. Organize your presentation files, sync up the app, and you’re ready to roll. Now your team can stop wasting hours and hours creating new presentations before every meeting. Build one that perfectly showcases your product or services, organize your content, and send your team out to deliver a well-organized, brand-consistent message to prospects with all of the materials they need at their fingertips. HeyBuddy is brought to you by LaunchDM, an international creative digital marketing studio in Reading, PA. As a preferred vendor of Salesforce and a trusted brand in the Salesforce ecosystem, our expertise in optimizing Salesforce for enterprises will help you leverage its amazing functionality.

Get Organized and Make More Sales

There’s nothing more frightening than having a room full of prospects who are either bored to death or impatiently waiting while you try to get your Internet connection working. Here are some tips that can improve your performance:

  • Avoid a boring start. There are many times when members of your audience will struggle in to your meeting, a few at a time. Use HeyBuddy to create two different short openings and present something new for everyone in the audience so the people who were on time won’t have to suffer! Present one opening that will appeal to executives and illustrate the high-level benefits you have to offer. Access the second one when you want to impress end-users with what your products or services can do to improve their job performance.
  • Address their needs quickly. It’s important to keep them from tuning out. The best way to accomplish this is by quickly providing value. Use HeyBuddy to access and present a sales package you’ve prepared that tells an interesting story about your brand that will let them know they’re in good hands. Hold their attention by making them want to hear more.
  • Highlight key company information. It’s likely that your client or prospect already knows the basics about your company (thank you Google!). Rather than rehashing things they know, choose some key points and success stories to highlight. Load HeyBuddy with informative videos, animated demos, and other colorful, engaging sales materials that will capture their attention. Videos and large product views work well too, and you won’t have wait while they download or buffer. Spread these things throughout your presentation to build credibility.
  • Create a memorable closing. Most sales presentations end with something like, “Well, if no one else has questions, I guess we’ll wrap up.” Use HeyBuddy to present a strong closing that leaves them wanting more. Summarize the value of the benefits you addressed in your presentation, and convey what you’d like them to do next.

Give your salespeople the critical new skills and great apps they need to stand out from the competition. HeyBuddy allows you to organize presentations in a unique, memorable way to drive your clients or prospects to take action. Find out more about it today by calling us at (484) 516-2526 or by clicking below to get started.

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