HR Administration Tools

Workflow management is the backbone of organizations that strive to improve efficiency and reduce human error. Human Resources administration tools like HeyBuddy can significantly improve how you do business. HeyBuddy runs on the efficient and flexible HeyBuddy platform and encourages higher productivity and fully integrated communications for HR teams. Your employee data (in your HRIS system) becomes accessible securely, within seconds, on any mobile device. The app can be customized to meet your unique needs and is ideal for organizations small and large. Its powerful features can be easily deployed across a global workforce. The app syncs with any device and does not require Wi-Fi and provides secure access to all of your organizational content.

Gain Control Over Your Processes

By implementing workflow automation in your organization, managers no longer have to monitor daily operational issues manually. HeyBuddy provides key decision-makers with valuable analytics that identify who, what, when and which actions were performed and help detect bottlenecks or problems. Trying to sync your Chicago office with your Vancouver office on paper is unreliable, prone to human error and privacy breaches, and quickly becomes unmanageable. HeyBuddy doesn’t care where anyone is located. It just helps you get the job done.

Hire with Confidence

Simplify your hiring process by building workflows in HeyBuddy for each of your company’s job opportunities. Include a list of desirable behavioral traits and problem-solving abilities, evaluate the resumes and CVs you receive, and compare each candidate’s results against them. With feedback from trusted managers, including those in remote locations, you’ll be able to choose the best candidates for your organization. HeyBuddy also uses push notifications that enable you to share important information, such as new company policies or notices of office closures, directly to employees’ mobile devices as soon as they become available. Make legal forms, handbooks, company videos or podcasts, training modules, and other information available in an easy-to-digest fashion, and stop burying your staff under an avalanche of paperwork.

Manage Productivity

When your HR team spends too much time on mundane administrative tasks, they won’t have time to focus on managing and growing your business. An intuitive technology solution like HeyBuddy can help you create more efficient workflows and eliminate redundant tasks. Even when your processes require manager approvals and reviews, workflows can be created to streamline the steps so that more is accomplished in less time, making the process more efficient. Reducing time spent on HR management equates to more time for strategy and growth activities. HR administration tools like the HeyBuddy app can reduce demands on your management team and free them up for other activities. Call us today at (484) 516-2526 to learn more or click below to get started.

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