Human Resource Planning Tools and Techniques

Planning is an important part of human resource management and is the basis of recruitment, training, retention, compensation, and benefits. Mobile tools, such as HeyBuddy, and other techniques can help you meet the goals and objectives of your organization. HeyBuddy is a cloud-based human resources tool that can revolutionize the way you do business. All of your employee data is secured in one location (your HRIS system), but is accessible in seconds on any mobile device. It’s an easy-to-use solution that empowers your team with valuable data when and where they need it. HeyBuddy is used by enterprise-level companies around the globe.

Benefits of HeyBuddy

HeyBuddy offers powerful features for users, unique benefits for managers and executives, and value for the entire organization, such as:

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Integrates with any HRIS
  • Syncs with any mobile device
  • Does not require Wi-Fi; works online and online
  • Puts essential content at your fingertips
  • Input data while on the go
  • Multiple environments to support verticals
  • Analytics and reports in multiple formats that easily sync to your HRIS
  • Enables internal collaboration and sharing of important insights
  • Track performance and post comments
  • Streamline training and reduces expenses

Real Time Analytics

As your team uses the app, HeyBuddy produces valuable analytics that syncs with your existing HRIS system. Research, analyze, and improve your processes based on these analytics. Track the progress of new hires and other trainees, set performance objectives, and let them know how they’re doing all along the way.

More Accurate Forecasting

HR managers are often called upon to forecast labor needs in the event an organization intends to expand a workforce based on new business needs, acquire new employees due to a merger, or reduce a workforce to cope with a business unit closing. HeyBuddy produces a variety of reports that can help you analyze historical employee data and make informed decisions.

Better Evaluation and Assessment

Whether you need to tackle a short-term challenge or long-term planning, HeyBuddy provides key decision-makers with valuable analytics that can help them evaluate and assess their workforce and monitor key business data, such as payroll and benefits costs, employee hours, rates of absenteeism, training costs, turnover rates, and other HR metrics that may affect corporate strategies and growth initiatives. There may not be a single solution that serves all Human Resource teams, but innovative planning tools and techniques like those available in HeyBuddy will ensure that you have what you need to succeed. To learn more, give us a call at (484) 516-2526, or get started by clicking the button below.  

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