Human Resources Apps

Mobile apps have quickly become the go-to communication tools for Human Resources teams. HeyBuddy can help you recruit, close top candidates, retain top talent, and improve employee engagement. Imagine having all your employee data secure in one location (your HRIS system), but accessible in seconds on any mobile device. HeyBuddy is an easy to use solution that empowers your team with valuable data just when they need it. Used by enterprise level companies around the globe, the cloud-based solution revolutionizes the way teams connect and engage.

Why Choose HeyBuddy

HeyBuddy offers powerful features for users, unique benefits for managers and executives, and value for the entire organization, such as:

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Syncs with any device
  • Accessible online and online; no Wi-Fi required
  • Integrates with any HRIS
  • Puts content you need at your fingertips
  • Captures information while on the go
  • Multiple environments to support verticals
  • Analytics and reports in multiple formats
  • Enables internal collaboration and sharing of important insights
  • Track performance and post comments
  • Speeds up onboarding
  • Reduces training expenses

Secure Access

HeyBuddy gives you access to all of your HRIS employee information, important documents and organizational content, with extra precautions to provide enterprise-level security. All employees, based on their roles or titles in your organization, can benefit from this accessibility using their own mobile devices.

Better Preparation

Does it take you a long time to prepare for onboarding new hires? HeyBuddy can reduce it to a matter of minutes! Most people are thrilled to start a new job, and taking advantage of that enthusiasm by being prepared for the onboarding process can deliver clear business results. Provide your new hires with an introductory packet that includes a welcome letter, directions, parking instructions, dress code information, customizable forms, an honest job description, and anything else they may need for their first day. They’ll feel welcome, and you won’t have to start from scratch for each employee. In terms of training, simply throwing them into the deep end and hoping they figure out how to swim on their own rarely works and will affect your business processes and other employees. Instead, set up tasks and notifications using your time-relevant content to be sure they have the tools and knowledge they need when they need them.

Real-Time Analytics

As your team uses the app, HeyBuddy produces valuable analytics that syncs with your existing HRIS system. Research, analyze, and improve each presentation based on these analytics. Track the progress of new hires and other trainees, set performance objectives, and let them know how they’re doing all along the way. Studies show that 90% of employees decide whether to stay or leave during their first year at a new company. A well-thought-out onboarding and training process can have a lasting positive impact and help you retain stellar employees. Your employees want to succeed. Reach out to the HeyBuddy team today for a free demo to see how Human Resources apps like HeyBuddy can revolutionize your business. Call us today at (484) 516-2526 or click here for our contact form.

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