Human Resources Workflow Tools

Human resources workflow software and tools, such as HeyBuddy, help organizations simplify and improve their business processes. What if you could have access to all your secure employee data (your HRIS system) instantly accessible on your favorite mobile device? HeyBuddy does just that. It is an easy-to-use solution that empowers your team with valuable data, wherever and whenever they need it. The app can be downloaded and set up in minutes. It can be used with your favorite mobile device and streamlines the preparation, presentation, and follow-up process across your entire organization. It does not require Wi-Fi and is designed to run online or offline.  Used by enterprise level companies around the globe, the cloud-based solution revolutionizes the way teams communicate.

How Could Your HR Staff Use a Workflow Tool?

Workflow management is the backbone of organizations that strive to improve efficiency and reduce human error. HeyBuddy can help automate your business processes so you can say goodbye to disorganized (and slow) paper, email and spreadsheet-based processes. Here are several ways to implement the app:

Employment Application Workflows

When recruiting talent, HeyBuddy can give you a leg up on your competitors and simplify your process for applicants. Build online application forms, collect file uploads, gather reference letters, and create workflows to move them through your organization (review, approval, tracking, etc.). Empower managers to securely evaluate applications and select the best candidates.

New Hire/Onboarding Workflows

Create an automated workflow in HeyBuddy to trigger push notifications and approvals as parts of the onboarding process are completed, avoiding manual emails and phone calls. For instance, the first step could involve passing through your company’s standard background check protocol. Based on the results, a notification could be automatically sent to the hiring manager, followed by generation of an offer letter and the scheduling of the start date.

Contract Approval Workflows

A contract that is not properly approved can be a nightmare. Build a workflow to vet contracts according to your business rules to help your company avoid legal and financial headaches. Steps could involve having a department head sign off on the contract, after which it would be routed to the finance department. If the contract is acceptable, within budget and approved, it would be passed along to your legal team for review, with changes requested or approval given. From there, the original document can be stored in your database, completing the entire process very quickly.

Social Workflows

Want to have a little fun and observe your employees’ birthdays? Create an automated workflow to collect cash from coworkers, buy a cake and candles, circulate a card to be signed, and gather everyone to celebrate. Your HR staff can create a master list of birthdays to make sure no one is left out. HeyBuddy is one of the top human resources workflow tools on the market today. To learn more about the app and our other mobile solutions, give us a call at (484) 516-2526 or click the button below to get started.  

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