Improving Sales Team Performance 

Do you need help in improving the performance of your sales team? Get them back on track by streamlining the workflow and eliminating superfluous tasks with the HeyBuddy digital sales aid. PowerPoint slideshows dominate most sales presentations, but your prospects know they’re in for a long, boring talk as soon as they see the first text-riddled slide. With HeyBuddy, you can show the innovative side of your business, connecting with prospects via features and content that better convey your brand story. HeyBuddy is a sales presentation app that:

  • Can be deployed on both iOS and Windows
  • Works offline or online
  • Integrates with Salesforce or any CRM that you use to ensure seamless, brand-consistent presentations
  • Can be customized to fit your brand
  • Helps you build presentations quickly
  • Allows you to bring compelling sales materials to the table
  • Allows you to administer master version(s) and deploy them to the full sales team or customize versions for specific audiences
  • Helps sales reps switch topics on demand
  • Routes all sales activity through your CRM
  • Provides dashboards, reports, and analytics
  • Reduces meeting preparation and follow up
  • Can be recorded and shared
  • Can be rolled out, changed and maintained with ease

HeyBuddy is an essential app for your sales arsenal. It’s brought to you by LaunchDM, a creative digital services agency located in Reading, PA. LaunchDM is a preferred vendor of Salesforce and has been a trusted brand in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2008.

Deliver Compelling Presentations

Aligning your sales teams to work toward connecting with your customers is the key to hitting your goals. You’ll want presentations that set you apart from competitors. Offering a unique voice can grab your prospect’s attention fast. With HeyBuddy, your reps can easily show visuals that strengthen your sales points.  They can say, “Here, let me show you,” and then present an informative graph, captivating image, or short video about a product, something that’s hard to do in a PowerPoint presentation. Create educational charts and infographics, PDFs, striking images, informative product videos, and other materials that will pique the interest of your audience. Your marketing team simply loads them to your HeyBuddy library and organizes them for your sales team. Sales reps sync their devices, and start making sales. Even videos and large product views work beautifully without having to download each one or wait for buffering to finish. Your sales team will love it! Instead of hauling around briefcases full of brochures, sales reps can switch dynamically between different types of content based on the customer’s wants and needs, and then execute sales transactions on the spot by providing on-site quotes. All HeyBuddy activity is automatically routed back to your CRM. For sales managers, dashboard reports and analytics of your team’s activity in the field are invaluable for monitoring their performance and accountability. Training expenses become a thing of the past, and you’ll be able to provide the organization with worthy decision-making information. When the performance of your sales team needs to improve, introduce them to HeyBuddy! Help them eliminate technical hurdles and make appealing, consistent presentations that compel prospects to take action. Learn more about the app’s capabilities by reaching out to us at (484) 516-2526 or get started by clicking the button below.

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