Interactive Sales Presentation Software

Sales presentations typically run the gamut from good to bad to ugly, but there are things you can do to make them great. Interactive software, like the HeyBuddy mobile sales aid, can help you build a compelling presentation that showcases your products or services and captures the attention of your audience. If you think that building a great presentation is difficult, HeyBuddy will change your mind! If your company uses Salesforce, has salespeople in the field, posts documents in Salesforce Content and needs a way to present them on the go, HeyBuddy is the right sales presentation app for you. It’s compatible with all CRMs, a breeze to download and set up with a pre-loaded theme, and can be customized with branded graphics created by your design team. Then organize your essential presentation files, sync up the app, and send your team on the road with everything they need at their fingertips. Talk about a colossal timesaver! Studies show that salespeople spend only 40% of their time selling. The rest of it is wasted on gathering the information they need for their presentations.  HeyBuddy dramatically increases selling time because all of the content the team needs is on one central location and can be accessed easily, online or offline. But presentations aren’t just documents or files; they are a shared experience between the presenter and the audience.  Taking the time to make it interesting will deliver the best results.

  • Content. You need a clear message. Are you trying to sell a prospect on the value of your product or service? Support your message with facts – data, images, survey results, case studies, testimonials, and/or personal experiences. This will give you credibility and engage the audience on a deeper level. If you have lots of data, pick the most relevant items to avoid losing their attention. If you have a great personal experience to relate, practice until you can tell it concisely.
  • Design. You need an effective design that will reinforce your message while making your content clear and leading your audience along the path of your story. Too much visual information is just as bad as too much text or a personal story that drags on forever. Eliminate anything that doesn’t reinforce your message. And make sure that the information you use is accurate and up-to-date. With HeyBuddy, all you have to do is synch up the app and you’ll have the most current sales materials at your fingertips.
  • Structure. Since we’re comparing presentations to storytelling, make sure yours has a beginning, middle, and end. Structure the presentation with your audience in mind. Clearly introduce the premise, promise or problem that’s at the heart of your message and then describe and support it, and deliver your solution.
  • Delivery. This is where HeyBuddy shines. The app supports both a wide range of content and design options as well as a wide range of structure and delivery options. If you’ll be using your iPad for an intimate presentation, disable notifications to prevent your talk from being interrupted by incoming FaceTime calls. You could even connect your device to a projector and make your presentation viewable on a screen or wall.

As you evaluate interactive sales presentation software, consider the easy-to-use, intuitive HeyBuddy. This mobile sales solution will improve the experience throughout your entire sales funnel and is a game changer when it comes to closing deals! To learn more, call us at 484-516-2526 or click below to get started.

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