iPad App for Sales

There are so many things your sales team can do with a mobile iPad app for sales, such as HeyBuddy, to improve their productivity, free up precious time to spend elsewhere, and control your budget, all at the same time. And they’ll actually love using it! The sales presentation app can be set up in minutes with either our pre-built, easy-to-install themes, or with a custom branded look and feel created by your in-house design team within our flexible architecture. Then sync it with documents, images, and videos you’ve organized in your CRM, and send your team out with well-organized, up-to-date materials. HeyBuddy is brought to you by LaunchDM, an international creative digital marketing studio in Wyomissing, PA. We are a preferred vendor of Salesforce and a trusted brand in the Salesforce ecosystem. With our vast experience in optimizing Salesforce for enterprises (and ourselves), we can help businesses understand it and leverage its remarkable functionality. How HeyBuddy Can Streamline Your Sales Operations HeyBuddy offers powerful features for users, unique benefits for sales managers, and value for the entire organization, such as:

  • Intuitive and simple to use
  • Easy navigation from the home screen
  • Get the information you need when you need it
  • Reduce meeting preparation and follow up
  • Instantly syncs with any CRM on a smartphone, tablet, or iPad
  • Quickly access and update CRM records
  • Setup consistent sales presentation materials for your team
  • Access HeyBuddy online and offline
  • Manage clients and capture information while on the go
  • Know exactly what is happening in the field across your entire team
  • Track project performance over time
  • Collaborate and share important insights internally
  • Reduce training expenses

Market research firm International Data Corporation studied the habits of sales professionals and determined that they spend nearly 40% of their potential selling time preparing to sell. In a typical 40-hour week, 2.3 hours were spent looking for material to use, 5.8 hours were spent searching for customer-related information, and 6.4 hours were spent on building their presentations. This left them with only 25.5 hours of actual selling time in the week. HeyBuddy eliminates all of these distractions and empowers your field reps to close deals quickly, from anywhere. The mobile sales aid put everything your reps need to transition prospects through the buying process at their fingertips. Your sales team will love it! Rock the Trade Shows with HeyBuddy If trade shows are a regular undertaking for your sales team, think about how expensive it can be to rent enough booth space to accommodate printed brochures, product samples, price lists, several sales reps, and many customers, all in the same space. Use HeyBuddy to digitally show off your best products with high-resolution imagery, 3-D rotation, videos, and more. An iPad’s size, flexibility, and user-friendliness are ideal for product browsing. Another plus is this mobile sales app’s offline functionality. Trade shows are notorious for having unreliable Wi-Fi. Instead of paying for hotspot devices or data plans for the iPads, simply sync them up with Salesforce Content before the event, and your reps will be ready to go. They won’t have to worry about quoting accurate prices or about product availability because all the materials they’re using will be up-to-date. And taking trade show orders by hand and manually entering them later on a laptop can also be a thing of the past. Your reps can take orders on the iPad and sync up the app as soon as they have an Internet connection. This is a great way to increase productivity, reduce errors, and get more sleep after the show! Discover the many other ways you can take advantage of the HeyBuddy iPad app for sales presentations. Reach out to us at (484) 516-2526 or use our contact form by clicking here.

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