Mobile Sales App

Why let your sales reps create their own sales presentations and then rely on their individual selling strategies? A mobile sales app like HeyBuddy not only makes your sales materials more brand consistent, but it is intuitive, easy to use, and provides your sales reps across the field with real-time access to every brand-consistent resource about your products and services. HeyBuddy is the new must-have digital sales aid that’s compatible on all devices and designed to work online or offline. Download and setup are easy. Use custom graphics or choose one of our pre-built themes in just a few clicks. Organize all presentation files in your CRM, sync up the app, and you’re good to go.

HeyBuddy Makes Your Team More Efficient

According to International Data Corporation, salespeople spend almost 40% of their potential selling time preparing to sell. In a typical 40-hour week, they spend an average of 2.3 hours looking for materials to use, 5.8 hours looking for information about the prospect, and 6.4 hours building presentations from scratch. Not only is this inefficient and error-prone, but it also leaves only 25.5 hours of actual selling time. With HeyBuddy, your team can stop wasting time creating new presentations before every meeting. Now you can build a compelling presentation that perfectly showcases your product or services, and sends your team out to deliver a well-organized, consistent message to your audience. Because your content is organized in your CRM, you can keep your most up-to-date sales materials in front of them at all times. Simply publish the latest slide shows, brochures, price lists, product videos, etc., to your CRM, sync up the app, and know they have everything at their fingertips. Change content easily and share it across a worldwide network at the click of a button.

More Advantages of Using HeyBuddy

Before iPads and tablets, sales reps would make a pitch with printed brochures and handouts gather information on what the prospect wants or needs, return to the office, and follow-up with a solution and an estimate. By placing the right collateral at their fingertips, HeyBuddy gives them more time to sell. Today, impressing prospects with white papers and PowerPoint slides is nearly impossible. Instead, load your CRM with informative videos, animated demos, and other colorful, engaging materials that will capture their attention. Videos and large product views work beautifully in HeyBuddy, and you won’t have to download each one or wait for buffering to finish. Tapping through HeyBuddy during sales meetings also populates your CRM. This provides sales managers with dashboards, reports, and analytics to track goals and make smart decisions. Find out quickly what is working and what is not. HeyBuddy is brought to you by LaunchDM, an international creative digital marketing studio in Wyomissing, PA. As a preferred vendor of Salesforce and a trusted brand in the Salesforce ecosystem, we have extensive experience in optimizing Salesforce for enterprises and can help you leverage its amazing functionality. Empower your team and give them the sales tools they need with the HeyBuddy mobile sales app. It’s essential for every business and will improve the experience throughout your entire sales funnel. Find out more about this innovative sales presentation app by calling us at (484) 516-2526 or use our contact form by clicking here.

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