Mobile Sales Application 

Make your sales team’s day with a mobile sales application that’s intuitive, simple to use, and dramatically increases their selling time. HeyBuddy gives them a tool they can use online or offline to customize presentations, manage sales collateral at the click of a button, and make more sales! HeyBuddy is the must-have digital sales aid that’s compatible on all mobile devices. Download and setup is a cinch. Use your own design team to create custom-branded graphics, or implement one of our themes in just a few clicks. Organize your important presentation files in your CRM, sync up the app, and hit the road with everything you need at your fingertips. With HeyBuddy, your team won’t lose time building their sales pitches from scratch. Instead, build a presentation that perfectly showcases your product or services, and sends your sales reps out to deliver a well-organized, consistent message to your audience. Update content easily and share it across a worldwide network at the click of a button. Do Business Online and Offline Another great benefit of HeyBuddy is that it’s designed to run offline and online! Online connectivity may be available nearly everywhere these days, but it’s not always reliable. How many times have you lost your mobile connection in one corner of your office? And, if you have to depend on a public Wi-Fi network, there’s a good chance it will be overloaded. There you go… effectively offline and unable to work. When you’re running business-critical mobile apps, such as sales presentation tools, losing a connection at the wrong time can be disastrous. Of course, you could always store some of your sales materials in the device, but will they be the most up-to-date versions? With HeyBuddy, all content is organized within your CRM, so you can keep your current sales tools in front of your team at all times. Simply publish the latest brochures, price lists, product videos, contract documents, etc., to your CRM, sync up the app on your mobile device with the click of a button, and know you have everything you need at your fingertips. HeyBuddy needs an Internet connection to sync, but it can be done when convenient. Your team can do business anywhere, at any time, never losing the ability to work. Use HeyBuddy for Trade Show Success One place that Wi-Fi can be notoriously horrible to access is on the trade show floor. The CRM syncing capability of HeyBuddy will ensure that your trade show team can sell without an internet connection. They’ll be able to demo products and create orders and sync up again when they have a reliable connection. HeyBuddy can help you achieve your trade show sales goals in other ways, too. Instead of lugging around reams of paper or struggling to set up big screens, your reps can load the app to their mobile devices and:

  • Showcase your products with awesome videos
  • Share your product catalog without worrying about having copies for everyone
  • Show off your beautiful brochures and other sales and marketing collateral
  • Record information on prospects for follow-up later
  • Create quotes on the spot
  • Record and send presentations to customers right from the floor
  • Place orders and sync them to the CRM

HeyBuddy is brought to you by LaunchDM, an international creative digital marketing studio in Wyomissing, PA. We are a preferred vendor of Salesforce and a trusted brand in the Salesforce ecosystem. Not only do we have extensive experience in optimizing Salesforce for enterprises, but we use it ourselves. This gives us the ability to help businesses understand it and leverage its amazing functionality. Try the HeyBuddy mobile sales application to empower your team and improve the experience throughout your entire sales funnel. Learn more about this robust sales presentation app by calling us at (484) 516-2526 or use our contact form by clicking here.

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