Mobile Sales Apps to Streamline Your Sales Operations

Give your brand the edge by using mobile sales apps to streamline your sales operations and wow your audience. HeyBuddy is a game changer for your team when it comes to making better-looking presentations and closing deals! HeyBuddy is a must-have interactive mobile sales app that’s available on any device. Choose a design theme or custom-brand the app. Organize presentation materials, such as documents, PDFs, images and videos, inside any CRM. Open the app on a tablet or smartphone, activate the “sync” button, and be ready to deliver consistent high-impact sales content on the go. The content is available anywhere, at any time, online and offline. This is ideal for sales reps who work in areas where a reliable Wi-Fi connection is hard to come by or where they’re unable to log on to a client’s network.

How HeyBuddy Can Help

Our mobile sales app is helping customers in a wide range of industries tell their brand stories in a compelling way. Sales presentation meetings are more focused when using HeyBuddy, sales cycles become shorter, and sales managers have the ability to deliver updated sales materials to outside sales teams instantly. Here are some advantages of using HeyBuddy in your industry:

  • Financial Services – It’s all about the numbers, and HeyBuddy enables you to integrate beautiful visuals and bring graphs and charts to life in your presentations to give prospects a closer look at the numbers. Give your team access to a library of mission-critical facts and figures from directly within the sales app to help them close deals faster.
  • Manufacturing – Whether used for your in-store showroom staff or for outside sales teams on the road, HeyBuddy helps you bring your catalog to life with dynamic presentations that illustrate the details, capabilities, and benefits of your products. Supercharge your sales team with interactive charts, images and video at their fingertips. Securely distribute the most up-to-content globally, then sit back and watch sales soar!
  • Retail –HeyBuddy can help your reps shorten the sales cycle with presentations that showcase your products with 3-D animations and large product views. Incorporate new products instantly; update prices and availability with the tap of a button. The mobile sales app allows you to engage and educate buyers in a more compelling way than paper catalogs and brochures could ever do.
  • Healthcare – Better inform physicians and health care providers by using stunning interactive presentations that clearly convey the most up-to-date information about your pharmaceuticals and other health-related products. Replace the content in HeyBuddy at the touch of a button within minutes of releasing a new product or when FDA regulations change.

HeyBuddy was created by LaunchDM, an international creative digital marketing studio in Reading, PA. We have been a preferred Salesforce vendor and a trusted brand in the Salesforce ecosystem for most of the past decade. Our expertise gives us the ability to optimize any CRM for your business and appreciate its functionality. To learn more about how HeyBuddy and our other mobile sales apps can streamline your sales operations, give us a call at (484) 516-2526 or click below to get started.

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