Must-Have Apps for Salespeople 

Sitting through a terrible presentation can be an excruciating experience. Make your presentations engaging with HeyBuddy, the newest must-have app for salespeople. HeyBuddy is designed to be easy and intuitive, yet incredibly powerful.  Change presentations as often as you like and disable access to materials that no longer match your brand strategy with ease. Forget about designing and printing paper brochures and catalogs like everyone else. Instead, impress your customers with a beautiful presentation that works on your iPad, tablet, or any device. Our mobile presentation app is designed to run online or offline, record as you present, and display compelling content such as videos and large 360-degree product views. It’s easy to download and set up in minutes with either our pre-built, easy-to-install themes, or have your design team create a custom look and feel within our flexible architecture. Then, sync up the app to your CRM or our centralized content library, where your sales team can find your latest, greatest sales presentation materials – documents, PDFs, images, videos and more – and not have to waste time building every pitch from scratch. Lastly, with the click of a button, they sync up their iPads or tablets to HeyBuddy, and get ready to sell. Sales reps have access to everything they need to present and close deals without worrying about connecting to a client’s network or finding a reliable wireless connection. Using infographics, graphs, tables, videos and colorful images uploaded by your own marketing team allows your sales team to tell a compelling story of your brand and hold the client’s attention. Tailor each presentation to aspects of your products and services that are relevant to each client’s specific problem. The more relevant your pitch is to your prospect, the more interested they will be. If the prospect’s situation has changed, HeyBuddy gives you the ability to share new content quickly across a worldwide network with the click of a button. Simply sync the app, and make a modified presentation on the fly to outperform the competition. Another benefit is that HeyBuddy activity is routed through any CRM that your company uses. For sales managers, dashboard reports and analytics of your team’s activity in the field are invaluable for accountability and monitoring performance. Training expenses become a thing of the past, and you’ll be able to provide the organization with worthy decision-making information. Using HeyBuddy will ensure that your presentations never fail to impress. The key data and product information your clients need can be made available at their fingertips, on demand. HeyBuddy helps your team generate more quotes and capture more sales in the field, and helps you promote a productive sales culture. HeyBuddy is the must-have app for modern salespeople, allowing them to make the very best sales presentations and address prospects’ key issues on the spot. To learn more about the app, give us a call at (484) 516-2526 or get started by clicking the button below.

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