Sales Aid Apps

Sales aid apps, like HeyBuddy, can simplify the sales presentation process for sales reps, give managers better control over what the sales team is saying, and help to measure their effectiveness. Use HeyBuddy to integrate with your CRM and ensure that your sales materials are professionally presented, consistent, and always up to date. The app is easy to use and can be customized to fit your brand. Use the admin tool to organize presentation materials inside the CRM, sync up the app, and start selling. LaunchDM, an international creative digital marketing studio in Wyomissing, PA, is the brains behind HeyBuddy. We are a preferred vendor of Salesforce and have been a trusted brand in the Salesforce ecosystem for over eight years.  We have extensive experience in optimizing Salesforce for enterprises and know that you’ll find the HeyBuddy sales presentation app essential to the ongoing success of your business.

Benefits of Using HeyBuddy 

When you give salespeople the option to create their own branded sales presentations, you run the risk of watering down your brand image and open the door to errors. Now, you can organize the materials you want them to use in your CRM. Choose from pre-built, easy-to-install themes or brand the app with your logo and preferred color scheme. Each time your sales reps open the app on a mobile device and activate the “sync” button, they’re ready to sell with consistency. HeyBuddy:

  • Is intuitive and easy to use
  • Is easily navigated from the home screen
  • Relies on user-friendly technology (iPads and tablets)
  • Are iOS and Windows compatible
  • Standardizes sales presentations
  • Displays PDFs, images, docs, videos & more
  • Makes up-to-date sales materials available instantly in the field
  • Is integrated with any CRM
  • Works whenever you need it – online or offline
  • Reduces meeting preparation and follow up
  • Reduces paper and printing costs
  • Measures productivity across your entire team
  • Allows teams to share important insights internally

Do you want your sales team to interface with clients without having all of the necessary support and information at their disposal to close deals? HeyBuddy quickly provides your sales reps with the information they need to tailor their presentations to different prospects without wasting their time pursuing different goals or conveying the wrong messages to clients. Although change can be stressful, HeyBuddy improves morale by integrating the mobile technology that everyone is already using into the sales process. The sales app works with other technologies in place in your organization, specifically Salesforce. The result is less time spent on training and more time spent on selling. Just by tapping through HeyBuddy in a sales meeting, your CRM is populated and provides sales managers with dashboards, reports, and analytics to improve sales tracks and win rates. Record and save the presentation, package it, and send it to the prospect as a follow-up, straight from HeyBuddy. Revolutionize your sales process with HeyBuddy. It’s one of the best sales aid apps for sales teams and executives alike. To learn more about this app and our other mobile sales tools, give us a call at (484) 516-2526 or click here to use our contact form.

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