Sales Enablement App

Sales teams are pioneering the use of mobile tools and changing the sales landscape. If you’re looking for the best sales enablement app on the market, look no further than HeyBuddy to help your team operate more efficiently and effectively.

What HeyBuddy for Can Do

HeyBuddy is intuitive, easy to use, and provides your sales reps with real-time access to every available resource about your products and services. The modern, intuitive workflow app runs on the HeyBuddy platform and allows teams to dedicate more time to engaging with customers and less time on paperwork. It works across all devices and does not require Wi-Fi. Consider these benefits:

  • Save Prep Time: A large part (as much as 40%) of a sales rep’s time is spent searching for content for their presentations. HeyBuddy integrates with your CRM and provides all the software you need to keep your content controlled and in one place. Access it online or offline, on demand. Build brand-consistent presentations, and share content easily across a worldwide network with the touch of a button.
  • Keep Prospects Engaged: Give a brilliantly polished and highly memorable sales presentation. HeyBuddy offers content recommendations and next-best-action suggestions that are tailored to the opportunity at hand. Keep prospects better engaged by easily accessing a wide variety of company-approved content. Furthermore, record presentations as they are presented to avoid spending any more time on follow-up.
  • Capture Analytics: As the team closes deals, HeyBuddy gives sales managers and executives greater insight into daily sales activity. Dashboards, reports and analytics will help you track the team’s work against company goals so you can make data-informed decisions. Determine which materials are used most often, and fine-tune your sales track to ensure that the content being delivered is both up to date and effective for your bottom line.
  • Simplify Training: HeyBuddy enables you to create guided internal or external presentations, providing the perfect experience for your audience. Whether it’s a compelling sales experience or training and onboarding, you can easily deliver the right content for each conversation.
  • Reduce Costs: Experience significant savings in the cost of printing and shipping. Equipping your sales team with brochures and glossy printed material is expensive and keeping it all up to date can be a challenge. Instead, make the sales materials digitally available to sales reps with the touch of a button within their HeyBuddy app. When changes need to be made to the content, updates are instantly distributed to the team.

Presentations are a critical part of the sales process, and a sales enablement app like HeyBuddy can help you leverage a narrow window of opportunity to engage and impress potential buyers. Learn more about the app’s capabilities by calling the HeyBuddy team at (484) 516-2526 or click here to get started with a Free Demo.

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