Sales Enablement Best Practices

Transform your business by implementing sales enablement best practices and choosing the right tool to help drive engagement, revenue and customer satisfaction. One of the biggest challenges in sales is ensuring that your team always has fresh, up-to-date materials for their presentations. HeyBuddy is intuitive, easy to use, and provides your sales reps with real-time access to every available company resource about your products and services. HeyBuddy is a modern and intuitive workflow app that is powered by the HeyBuddy platform and allows teams to dedicate more time to engaging with customers and less time on paperwork.

Best Practice: Provide Easy Access to Content

Studies by the American Marketing Association indicate that 90% of a company’s content goes unused by sales reps. Why? Because they simply can’t find what they need when they need it. In most organizations, sales reps are expected to access multiple portals or tools, and they spend four to eight hours each week just searching for the right content to use in their presentations or send to their prospects. Streamline your selling process by adopting a modern, mobile sales enablement platform that provides a single, easy-to-manage repository for all your content and tools, and integrates with your existing systems. HeyBuddy integrates with any CRM and provides all the software you need to keep your content controlled in one place, eliminating inefficiencies, keeping conversations and presentations on point, and accelerating conversions. The workflow app works on all devices and can be installed in minutes. The marketing team uploads essential presentation files, then the salesperson syncs up his or her iPad or tablet, and starts selling.

Best Practice: Make It Easier to Share

Sales is a dynamic environment, and messaging and products change regularly. To improve their performances, good sales reps constantly communicate with their peers and share insights about what is working well. Help make your team more productive by combining the use of an efficient platform with fully integrated communications. Send announcements to users and groups with a push notification, and easily track what is viewed, shared or downloaded. HeyBuddy helps enterprise teams in different departments foster better connections, but that’s not all. Use the app for inventory management, compliance, or client meetings, or employee training and onboarding to enhance the performance of your entire enterprise.

Best Practice: Improve Sales Training

Training your entire sales force on new products, new features, new methodology, new resources, and even new sales techniques is never easy, regardless of its size. HeyBuddy enables you to integrate ongoing training and communications into your workflow so that sales reps know exactly what will be most effective throughout the entire sales cycle. These sales enablement best practices, coupled with HeyBuddy – the right technology solution – can help your team become more effective at hitting their numbers and closing deals.  The app works across all devices, is highly intuitive, doesn’t require Wi-Fi, and records your meeting as you present. Give it a try today! Click below to get started.

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