Sales Enablement Tool Vendors

Creative sales enablement tool vendors, like LaunchDM, develop apps and software solutions that can revolutionize the way you do business. One of the best decisions you can make is to equip your sales team with the tools they need to sell smarter and faster. Enter HeyBuddy! The creator’s of HeyBuddy, LaunchDM, is an international creative digital marketing studio located in Reading, PA, and has been a preferred Salesforce vendor and a trusted brand in the Salesforce ecosystem for nearly a decade. The team at LaunchDM are experts in optimizing Salesforce for enterprises. HeyBuddy provides an affordable, easy-to-manage, centralized repository for all of your content, and integrates with your existing CRM to help streamline the selling process. Organize your content by type (images, video, product demos, data sheets, etc.), by product or service, and by the specific industry or consumer it addresses, to ensure that your team uses the resources as often as possible.

HeyBuddy: Advantages for Your Team

Your sales team will love not having to waste time building presentations from scratch before every meeting. Instead, create a presentation you think best conveys your brand message and showcases your product, and send them into the field with up-to-date content they can quickly access. Sales reps will also have the flexibility to draw on all of your other compelling content, including videos and large product images, to keep potential customers engaged and answer questions on the spot. HeyBuddy is designed to run online or offline so your team can access it whenever they need it, and any changes you make within your content repository are reflected each time they sync their devices. HeyBuddy gives your sales team the ability to easily do what they love best – connecting with customers and selling your products and services!

HeyBuddy: Advantages for Management

Now that your team is in the field closing deals faster, you can monitor sales activity and results via your CRM to make qualified decisions. Just by tapping through HeyBuddy in their sales meetings, they populate your CRM, providing you with reports and analytics that enable you to track against goals and measure their effectiveness. Track what’s being used, by whom, and where, to get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Monitor your team’s sales effectiveness by salesperson, product or region. This allows you to focus on optimizing your sales materials and increasing sales. Training costs are minimized by keeping your sales materials consistent and well-organized.  Presentations are recorded and logged with the click of a button, so your sales reps can save them, package them, and send them to prospects for quick follow-up. And agents who work with similar clients will be able to share tips and techniques on closed/won deals for a more efficient overall sales process. Make everyone’s job easier, from sales teams to sales managers, with interactive sales apps created by sales enablement tool vendors like LaunchDM that can keep you organized, accelerate sales and save time. To find out more about HeyBuddy, give us a call at (484) 516-2526 or click below to get started!

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