Sales Presentation App for Hotels

Great hotel and hospitality sales presentations take time to build. The HeyBuddy digital app is designed to be just as powerful and functional on an iPad or tablet as it would be on a desktop and will help your team stay lean and efficient. More than 75% of salespeople say they put together presentations on their own instead of using materials provided by their marketing teams. Not only is this a colossal waste of time and prone to errors, but your team may not be presenting your products and services in the best light. With HeyBuddy, use content from your CRM library to quickly build consistent presentations and deploy them to your team. Sales reps simply sync the app to their iPads and head into the field with everything they need to sell effectively. It’s the perfect way to satisfy the needs of both sales and marketing. What is the result? Presentations that are consistent with brand and marketing guidelines, deliver consistent results and provide the sales team with plenty of flexibility.  No more mistakes from the field. And your team will appreciate not having to waste time building presentations from scratch before every meeting.

Tips for Effective Hotel Sales Presentations

There are many hotels that have cost a fortune to build but are standing with empty rooms. Could at least some of the reason be a lack of innovative thinking? Do your research and understand the customer’s current challenges or problems. Then make your solutions the thrust of your presentation. Addressing their unique concerns will give you the best chance of winning business away from the competition. Next, remember the “rule of three” technique. Most people will remember only three things from your presentation, so plan which three messages they will be. Then structure the main part of your presentation around these three key themes and find the best ways to illustrate them with visual aids and other materials from your CRM library. Utilizing HeyBuddy will present your company in a professional way. Prospects will view your business as cutting-edge, and the ease with which you can present your products and services will amaze the audience and turn them quickly into customers. From your CRM  you can download informative videos, animated demos, and other colorful, engaging materials that will capture the attention of your audience. Videos and large product views work beautifully in HeyBuddy, and you won’t have to download each one or wait for buffering to finish. The most important goal is to make the sale. Don’t bore them with a keynote address or lecture. In fact, if you find that you’re meeting with a small group of two or three people, use the opportunity to have a conversation with a give and take of ideas instead of giving a full-on formal presentation. You’ll cover the same ground but in a more personal way. HeyBuddy is an extraordinarily useful sales presentation app for hotels. It’s clean, professional, and a colossal time-saver. To find out more about the innovative app and how you can use it to build awesome presentations, give us a call at (484) 516-2526 or click below to get started.

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