Sales Presentation App

Do you need a reliable sales presentation app to wow clients during meetings? HeyBuddy can revolutionize the way your sales team conducts meetings and help them close deals faster when email, PowerPoints, and brochures just won’t cut it. The HeyBuddy app is a must-have interactive mobile sales aid that’s available on a variety of platforms including iOS and Windows. Setup is a breeze. The application can be easily branded with your company logo and brand-consistent colors and loaded with your essential presentation files. And, all of the content can be easily changed and synced within the CRM. Here are just a few of the reasons you and your sales team will love HeyBuddy:

  • Sets up in minutes
  • Apply a design theme or create a custom look and feel
  • Sales materials are organized in your CRM
  • Display documents, PDFs, images, videos and more
  • Deploy better-looking presentations
  • Easy navigation from the home screen
  • Sales materials remain consistent
  • Each presentation is recorded and logged in the CRM
  • Save it, package it, and send to the prospect for follow-up
  • Access HeyBuddy whenever you need it, online or offline
  • It’s clean, professional and a huge time-saver
  • Reduces training expenses
  • Reduces meeting preparation and follow up
  • The sales team is monitored and accountable
  • Convert leads into customers time and time again

One of the biggest advantages of HeyBuddy is that all content is organized within your CRM and is synced so that mobile sales aid can be used offline. Simply sync up the app just before heading out to a meeting and be confident that you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. This is ideal for sales reps who work in remote areas where they can’t get a reliable connection or where they can’t get onto a client’s network. HeyBuddy eliminates the concern over finding a wireless connection to show the presentation. Just sync it up, make the presentation, and get ready to close the deal! HeyBuddy digital sales aid will rock your audience’s world. Keep them from falling asleep or suffering through boring text-based PowerPoint slides. Instead, your outside sales team can keep each presentation engaging by using lots of different content in the sales conversation. The audience will be drawn to the story and you’ll enjoy better control over everything they see. Your sales team will love it. HeyBuddy was created by LaunchDM, an international creative digital marketing studio in Wyomissing, PA. Since 2008, we have been a preferred vendor of Salesforce and a trusted brand in the Salesforce ecosystem. We have deep experience in optimizing Salesforce for enterprises, but we also use it ourselves, which makes it easier for us to help businesses understand and appreciate its functionality. Now we’ve produced a one-size-fits-all mobile sales app that you can easily download and set up in minutes; one that integrates content from your CRM. HeyBuddy is a game changer when it comes to closing deals! To learn more about the HeyBuddy sales presentation app, give us a call at (484) 516-2526 or use our contact form by clicking here.

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