Time-Saving Productivity Tools for HR Professionals

Automating your HR processes is one of the single most beneficial things you can do for your organization. Take advantage of time-saving productivity tools like Hey Buddy that helps HR professionals keep their employees more engaged and more productive. HeyBuddy is an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile app that offers unique benefits for employees, managers, and organizations. It runs on the efficient and flexible HeyBuddy platform and encourages fully integrated team communication by making your employee data (in your HRIS system) accessible securely, within seconds, on any mobile device. The app can be customized to meet your unique needs. It is ideal for organizations of all sizes, and its powerful features can be easily deployed across a global workforce. The app syncs with any device and does not require Wi-Fi and provides secure access to all of your organizational content.

Take Control of Your Business Processes

To be competitive, HR departments today must be data-driven, agile and deeply skilled in attracting and developing new talent. Do you have the ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your increasingly mobile workforce, or are you still relying on slow, outdated, error-prone manual methods? Automating your HR systems with a solid, cloud-based solution like HeyBuddy provides a wide variety of benefits that will significantly improve how you do business. Better Data Accessibility Pulling together the HR data you need from different places within your organization can be time-consuming and frustrating. Save time and hassle by implementing an automated system that syncs with your HRIS system to provide a single point of access to all of your important data. Automation also helps reduce the risk of manual errors, such as sending confidential documents to the wrong person, some of which can lead to legal issues and other costly problems. Greater Productivity Automating your processes will boost productivity. Instead of being bogged down with manual work, your HR staff will be able to shift their energies to important management tasks and more strategic goals, such as finding new ways to recruit top talent and retain great employees. Automation may also help you reduce or eliminate the cost of hiring outside contractors to handle tasks, such as payroll, that your overburdened staff has no time for. Lower Paper-Related Costs Consider how many thousands of dollars each year it costs your company to print, deliver, store, and manually handle all of the paper documents you produce. Replacing your paper-based, manual processes with automated systems like HeyBuddy can eliminate those costs, or at least reduce them significantly. Better Workflow Between Locations Trying to sync your Los Angeles office with your Montréal office on paper is unreliable, prone to human error and privacy breaches, and quickly becomes unmanageable. HeyBuddy doesn’t care where anyone is located. It just helps you get the job done. Give the HeyBuddy team a call at (484) 516-2526 to learn more about our time-saving productivity tools for HR professionals, or click the button below to get started.  

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