Top Sales Engagement Platforms

Sitting through sales presentations can be torture. Take advantage of one of the top sales engagement platforms on the market – HeyBuddy – and your presentations will never fail to impress even the most educated buyer. HeyBuddy, which runs on the flexible HeyBuddy platform, improves collaboration among your teams and helps your organization become more productive and efficient. It integrates seamlessly with your favorite CRM and streamlines the preparation, presentation, and follow-up process across your entire organization. The mobile presentation app is easy to download and set up in minutes. It does not require Wi-Fi and is designed to run online or offline.  Your sales reps can now enjoy instant access to your latest, greatest sales presentation materials with the ability to customize them for their unique prospect, and no longer have to waste time building every pitch from scratch.

Greater Productivity

For most organizations, meetings and presentations are a way of life. But who wants to lug along a bunch of files, brochures, and equipment? Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your important sales materials were available via your mobile device and accessible on demand? HeyBuddy is easy-to-use and intuitive, yet powerful. It provides an easy-to-manage, centralized repository for your organization’s branded, compelling, and up-to-date content. Change presentations as often as you like and disable access to marketing collateral that no longer matches your brand strategy. Tailor presentations to aspects of your products and services that are relevant to your prospect’s specific use case. The more relevant your pitch, the more interested your prospect will be. If you suddenly discover a customer’s situation has changed, you’ll be able to modify a presentation on the fly to give you an edge over the competition. Each presentation is recorded and logged, so sales reps won’t have to waste time following up after a meeting. Just save the presentation and send it with the touch of a button. With HeyBuddy, you’ll reduce the time and hassle of both meeting prep and post-meeting administrative tasks.

Valuable Analytics

All activity logged in HeyBuddy is routed through your existing CRM. Data is automatically populated in Salesforce (or any CRM) so that sales managers can review how their team is utilizing the company’s sales track. Monitor your team’s sales effectiveness and learn what’s working by salesperson, product or region. When are they presenting content, and to whom? What content are they using most often, or not at all? Understand how well a presentation is performing, and fine-tune it for new and existing clients. HeyBuddy is one of the top sales engagement apps on the market today. It helps your team capture more sales in the field and enables them to address prospects’ key issues on the spot. To learn more about the app and our other solutions that are part of the HeyBuddy product suite, give us a call at (484) 516-2526 or get started by clicking the button below.

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