• Gina Cochran
    Gina Cochran

    HeyBuddy has been a lifeline for our growth and efficiency; we depend on it daily to help us shorten our sales cycle and showcase our products in way that our competitors could only dream of.

    Gina Cochran
    Global Marketing Manager, NeoStrata Company Inc., A Johnson & Johnson Company


What Makes us Different?

Flexible Module &
Open API

Our agile community model allows your developers to customize and enhance your HeyBuddy instance to align perfectly within your organization.

Integrates with
any CRM

All the software necessary to keep your content controlled in one place, plus valuable analytics to continuously improve your sales deck and keep everyone on track.

Sell More
Admin Less

HeyBuddy dynamically builds your follow up PDF from the content you present. Also, populates any CRM with all the details from your meeting, Bye Bye Desk Time!

Tailored to Sell.
How you Sell.

HeyBuddy for Sales adapts to you and your team, not the other way around. Similar solutions require your sales team to behave based on their own model.

Your Buyer Has Evolved

Take content from your CRM controlled by Marketing
and deployed to Sales team

Fully branded application that enables a consistent and improved experience for your prospects and customers throughout the full buying cycle.

Increase Productivity
& Loyalty

Unify communications from multiple channels on a single platform.