HeyBuddy creates an easy way for teams to access all the systems they depend on daily.

Although we grew up using a Swiss Army Knife, we didn’t want to build one. HeyBuddy solves core business problems for sales and HR teams, by creating a simple productive interface that connects to complex systems teams depend on daily. HeyBuddy can also connect together multiple systems in one interface and one Single SIgn On.

When sales teams use HeyBuddy, they close 50% faster, cut prep and follow up time in half, and get 2 more hours a day in front of the customer all while increasing the utilization of the systems they struggle to use.

When HR teams use HeyBuddy, they can leverage HRIS, HCM or even an old intranet with a productive mobile interface.

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HeyBuddy is helping UPS retain warehouse employees by providing managers instant insight on new hires, allowing for more engagement and meaningful touch points.


A division of J&J, NeoStrata’s sales team depends on HeyBuddy to present consistent content and capture all the sales activity in the field via salesforce integration.

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All the software necessary to keep your content controlled in one place, plus valuable analytics to continuously improve.


With over 900 reps using HeyBuddy daily, valuable analytics that sync with Salesforce are produced as the team uses the HeyBuddy app.

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