B2B Sales Enablement

Need reliable insights about buyer behavior in order to drive sales forward? Consider a B2B sales enablement tool like HeyBuddy to power your team with the right content and help them sell more effectively. HeyBuddy is an innovative sales presentation app that integrates with content in any CRM to ensure that your agents are making seamless, brand-consistent presentations. It also provides sales managers and executives with invaluable dashboards, reports, and analytics that help you monitor performance and accountability so you can easily assess what works and what doesn’t. HeyBuddy is brought to you by the international creative agency, LaunchDM. Located in Reading, PA, LaunchDM is a preferred vendor of Hubspot and has been a trusted Salesforce Agency Partner since 2008. LaunchDM can help optimize your custom integration of HeyBuddy so that your business can leverage its amazing functionality. HeyBuddy:

  • Can be deployed on any iOS or Windows device
  • Works offline and online
  • Can be customized to fit your brand
  • Helps build compelling presentations quickly
  • Allows you to administer master version(s) and deploy them to the full sales team or customize versions for specific audiences
  • Routes all sales activity through any CRM that you use
  • Reduces meeting preparation and follow up time
  • Can be recorded and shared instantly
  • Can be rolled out, changed and maintained with ease

Provide Easy Access to Your Best Content

Research by the American Marketing Association shows that 90% of your content goes unused by your sales team, often because they simply can’t find what they need at the time they need it. In fact, your reps are spending 25% of their time just searching for the right marketing content to use in their presentations or to send their prospects, time that could be better spent selling. HeyBuddy provides an easy-to-manage, centralized repository for all of your content and integrates with your existing CRM to help streamline the selling process. You’ll be able to eliminate wasted time and focus your team on revenue-producing activities. Show the innovative side of your business by creating educational charts and infographics, PDFs, informative product images and videos, and other materials that will set you apart from the competition. With the tap of a finger, sales reps sync up their devices and hit the road to sell with confidence. You control what is being said, to whom, and when, without the risk of your team using wrong or outdated versions of your sales documents. Change presentations as often as you like, push new content to the team, and easily disable access to materials that no longer match your brand strategy.

Simplify Training

Have you tried deploying sophisticated sales tools to radically improve your sales team’s productivity, trained them, and had them fail to use the new technology? Routines are difficult to change. Most of us won’t try anything new unless it’s simple. Sales tools like HeyBuddy help you introduce cost-saving automation to your team by allowing your reps to use the iPads and tablets they already know and love. The app can be downloaded and set up in minutes and, because they’re using their favorite device, you’ll increase morale and spend less on training.

Use Technology to Close the Gap

Just tapping through HeyBuddy in a sales meeting populates Salesforce and provides managers with actionable data that can help improve sales tracks and win rates and help drive results across the entire organization. Presentations can also be recorded. Save them, package them, and email them to prospects without spending any more time on the follow-up process. When the performance of your sales team needs to be improved, introduce them to HeyBuddy, one of the most innovative B2B sales enablement tools on the market today. Learn more about the app’s capabilities by reaching out to us at (484) 516-2526 or click the button below to get started.

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