HeyBuddy is a friendly app that plugs into CRM and HR systems; allowing teams to easily communicate and access content with a branded mobile or desktop interface.



Organizations have CRM and HR and systems with content that is difficult to access in time-consuming interfaces that frustrate teams. HeyBuddy provides teams with more efficiency and accessibility to usable data and content.


HeyBuddy automatically populates your CRM, HR or other systems. It's an app that sits above the keyboard-dependent clunky software, allowing teams to navigate their day in a simple branded interface.

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Experience an application your team will actually use to keep everyone in the loop. Teams are more productive and engaged with higher satisfaction, while expensive CRM and HR systems are utilized without using them directly.

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HeyBuddy is helping UPS retain warehouse employees by providing managers instant insight on new hires, allowing for more engagement and meaningful touch points.


A division of J&J, NeoStrata’s sales team depends on HeyBuddy to present consistent content and capture all the sales activity in the field via salesforce integration.

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All the software necessary to keep your content controlled in one place, plus valuable analytics to continuously improve.


With over 900 reps using HeyBuddy daily, valuable analytics that sync with Salesforce are produced as the team uses the HeyBuddy app.

Your Teams

You're in good company. Teamwork in Heybuddy happens in
a single place for communication, tools and files - helping
everyone save time and collaborate together. Replace
time-consuming work with an easy to use app, and start
exploring the fun side of team communication with HeyBuddy.

Your Brand

Companies have employees that are no longer in the same place at the same time, and that physical disconnected leads to inconsistent branding, use of inaccurate content, and inefficient communications. By using Heybuddy, your brand stays in tact without even trying because all your content is controlled from a single source by your marketing team.


Provide an easier way. These systems are designed for managers - not the end user, so spend less time juggling tabs and more time focusing on meaningful work. Boost utilization of your investments without replacing them. Go live quickly with our fast implementation, adaption and value.

HeyBuddy in Action

People. Process. Power.

HeyBuddy adapts to you and your team,
not the other way around.

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