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The easiest and most friendly app to present, share & track your organization’s content.

We solve a common problem...


Content is the enemy! Without an easy way for teams to manage and track the vast amount of content living in complex systems like CRMs, organizations are wasting half of their time.


We make it crazy easy to access the content trapped behind your complex systems so you can present and deliver from any device, tracking all activity saving organizations precious time.

See how our top customers solve these problems.


HeyBuddy is helping UPS retain warehouse employees by providing managers instant insight on new hires, allowing for more engagement and meaningful touch points.


A division of J&J, NeoStrata’s sales team depends on HeyBuddy to present consistent content and capture all the sales activity in the field via salesforce integration.

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All the software necessary to keep your content controlled in one place, plus valuable analytics to continuously improve.


With over 900 reps using HeyBuddy daily, valuable analytics that sync with Salesforce are produced as the team uses the HeyBuddy app.

A content delivery system that plays nice!

What type of content becomes friendly?

Control content like photos, docs, custom html pages, videos, pdf’s, & PowerPoint all from an interface you can easily customize to fit your brand. Use internally or distribute to your full ecosystem.


Provide the content you need at your fingertips at the right time and place. The content you present can dynamically save itself in a bundled .pdf that you can edit ready for instant sharing - saving prep and follow up time on content delivery.


Get the right content to the peeps that need it. Whether for a sales rep to close a deal, sharing content with customers and internal staff, or providing collateral to your ecosystem - HB saves half the time and frustrations.


Immediately increase your Salesforce ROI by eliminating administrative busywork directly in your CRM. HeyBuddy updates your CRM and/or other complex systems as you use the app. Bye-Bye typing.

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