Best Sales Management Apps

Looking for the best apps that provide actionable data to help you make better sales management decisions? HeyBuddy is a great solution! HeyBuddy is an innovative sales presentation app that helps your team deliver compelling sales presentations while on the go…just Setup, Sync and Sell! It addresses some of the productivity problems that face sales teams today and provides sales managers and executives with all the dashboards, reports and analytics they need to know what is working and what is not.

Sales Productivity Killers

Wasted time. According to research by Gartner, the average sales rep spends less than 45% of their time selling products. The rest is devoted to travel, preparation and administrative tasks. This leaves little time for face time with customers and prospects.  How do you plan to grow if your sales reps don’t have time to make sales? Solution: HeyBuddy can help you overcome this hurdle by providing an easy-to-manage, centralized repository for all of your content and integrating with your existing CRM to help streamline the selling process. Eliminate the time your team wastes by building presentations from scratch, and focus them on revenue-producing activities instead. HeyBuddy lets you control what is being said, to whom and when without the risk of your team using wrong or outdated versions of your sales collateral in their presentations. Manual processes. Manual quote/approval and performance/feedback processes are inefficient and can be huge productivity killers, making it difficult for your sales team to accomplish its goals. Solution: All activity in HeyBuddy is routed through your existing CRM. Just by tapping through the app in their sales meetings, your reps populate the information that translates into simple dashboards, reports, and analytics to track against goals and help them make qualified decisions. Other team members can also monitor sales effectiveness and track what is working by salesperson, product or region. Lack of training.  Sales is a skill set that needs to be developed, and it takes time. To ensure success, all sales reps need to develop a disciplined approach to managing their time and consistently following your company’s unique sales methodology. When you leave the sales team to its own devices, the results may be less than what you hoped for. Solution: HeyBuddy helps keep your training costs to a minimum since your sales materials are always consistent and well-organized.  Each presentation is recorded and logged. Reps can save the presentation, edit if necessary, and easily send it to prospects to follow-up in a timely manner. The best part? Teams can easily share tips and techniques on closed/won deals. HeyBuddy was created by LaunchDM, an international creative digital marketing studio located in Reading, PA. LaunchDM is a preferred vendor of Salesforce and has been a trusted vendor in the Salesforce ecosystem for many years. Leverage the vast experience of HeyBuddy to help your organization benefit from its remarkable functionality. Enable your team to do their jobs more effectively with one of the best sales management apps on the market today – HeyBuddy! Call us at (484) 516-2526 to set up a free demo, get started by clicking the button below.

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