Cloud-Based Human Resource Planning Tools

If you are looking for cloud-based human resource planning tools that will seamlessly integrate with your HRIS system, consider HeyBuddy. The intuitive, easy-to-use mobile app offers unique benefits for employees, managers and organizations. HeyBuddy runs on the efficient and flexible HeyBuddy platform and encourages higher productivity and fully integrated communications for HR teams. Your employee data in your HRIS system becomes accessible securely, within seconds, on any mobile device. The app can be customized to meet your unique needs and is ideal for organizations small and large. Its powerful features can be easily deployed across a global workforce. The app syncs with any device and does not require Wi-Fi and provides secure access to all of your organizational content. Our cloud-based software serves global leaders in industries such as healthcare, energy, manufacturing, financial services and more, and can help you replace inefficient workflows with better ones and transform adequate workflows into great workflows. With flexible modules and an open API, our mobile solution can be tailored to meet your business’ unique needs.

Take Control of Your Business Processes

By implementing workflow automation in your organization, managers no longer have to manually monitor daily operational issues. HeyBuddy provides key decision-makers with valuable analytics that identify who, what, when and which actions were performed and help detect bottlenecks or problems. Even when your processes require manager approvals and reviews, workflows can be created to streamline the steps so that more is accomplished in less time, making the process more efficient. Reducing time spent on HR management equates to more time for strategy and growth activities.

Plan Strategically

Over 70% of corporate CEOs attribute their company’s economic success to its employees. Consequently, it’s extremely important for HR departments to have a strategic planning process to ensure that the organization is adequately staffed and that employees are properly trained and possess the right skills. As your employees use the HR app in their work, valuable analytics are synced with your existing HRIS system. This enables you to research, analyze, and improve your recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training processes based on the data collected and your business goals.

Develop New Talent

Develop workflows in HeyBuddy for recruiting, conducting interviews, and extending offers to employees you want to bring on board. When hired, implement an onboarding workflow to get them up to speed on your company’s procedures as quickly as possible, and use the app to institute regular performance reviews. Analytics are instantly produced by HeyBuddy and synced with your HRIS system. These metrics can help you evaluate whether you’ve met the organization’s goals in terms of production, employee retention, and employee satisfaction. To learn more about cloud-based human resource planning tools and our HeyBuddy solution, give the HeyBuddy team a call at (484) 516-2526 or click the button below to get started.  

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